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by koprisch
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2 years ago

Buescher ID

The serial is 333577, it has no big B on it and im confused as to when this horn was made.


much appreciated

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  1. by GFC
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    2 years ago

    Re: Buescher ID

    According to the serial # chart in the museum section of this site, it's from 1950-1951.  The early post Big B Aristocrats were still top shelf professional horns.

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  2. by saintsday
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    1 year ago

    Re: Buescher ID

    It's from 1950 and looks like a nice one.  These are generally referred to as script engraved 156s or series III Aristocrats.  My all time favorite Buescher tenor is from 1951 and I've have a bunch of them.

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