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by saxyman17
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2 years ago

Could an experienced player help me?

Hi,I am David. I obviously play sax. I am 14, and have been playing Alto since I was 9. I really love playing, and I was hoping someone could help me with Altissimo.

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  1. by Saxquest
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    2 years ago

    Re: Could an experienced player help me?

    Its difficult to give advise on altisimo over a forum like this other than to give general tips and suggestions. You'll really need to take a lesson with a professional in person who can help you diagnose embouchure, airstream, throat position, fingerings, etc.......

    However, in the general sense I can recommend checking out Rascher's book "Top-Tones for the Saxophone". Work on blowing overtones. For example, finger low Bb and then overblow it so you get the upper octave to speak. You can then reposition your throat and tougne and change your airstream to get the next partial to come out. Do a You Tube search on blowing overtones on the saxophone and copy what you see. These excercises condition you to being able to play in the altisimo. Also, concentrate on being able to hear the overtone before you play it. Try skiping overtones and hitting the partial that you want as opposed to just the next one in the series. I promise if you master your overtone series, you'll be playing altisimo better than anyone who hasn't gone through this process. Some people are simply more natural at getting altisimo to speak, but I promise that there are no short-cuts to mastering it. Best of LucK!!

         Mark Overton

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    1. by saxyman17
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      1 year ago

      Re: Could an experienced player help me?

      Thanks. Will do.  

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