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by lilrhinotx
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12 months ago

Newbie Looking for ID Help !

Hello, as stated before I am new and know very little about saxs. I was hoping someone could help me out in identifying the sax I just bought a few hours ago. Thanks for the time !

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  1. by saxismyaxe
    (574 posts)

    11 months ago

    Re: Newbie Looking for ID Help !

    Looks like a very early C. G. Conn curved soprano sax. With the range to high E (and not F), no front F key, no rolled tone holes, metal rather than mother of pearl key touches, and 1906 manufacture date (going by the serial number) It appears to be a "Wonder" model.

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  2. by dlockwood51
    (2 posts)

    10 months ago

    Re: Newbie Looking for ID Help !

    Its a beautiful Soprano.  Are you going to consider selling the sax?  Thank you, Dana

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