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by ijustwannaplay
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1 year ago

Reed for my Vandoren V16 T9?

Ok, so I recently purchased a vandoren V16 T9 mouthpiece with a Francois Louis ligature (I hope I spelled that right). I play it on a vandoren Java #3 red box, and I play a cheap OLDS tenor sax. Well lately I have been wanted my sound a tad bit brighter, and I don't have the money for ligature change or any major change in my set up. So I am wondering what reeds would you guys suggest for a little brighter and projectile sound. Because right now my top end sounds a bit suffocated, but my bottom sound beautiful.

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  1. by GFC
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    12 months ago

    Re: Reed for my Vandoren V16 T9?

    That mouthpiece has a .120" tip, which is huge.  It demands a lot of flex near the tip of the reed to produce the overtones that you are seeking, relative to a smaller tip.  More tip flex can be achieved either by going to a softer reed or one that has a different flex profile, i.e. thinner towards the tip.  I've gotten good results using La Voz with larger tip openings.  Medium or medium hard would be the closest to the ones you are using now.  Rico Royal of strength about 3 is an option if you want something a tad brighter than La Voz

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  2. by Dr G
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    9 months ago

    Re: Reed for my Vandoren V16 T9?

    Have you tried changing the amount of mouthpiece that you take in?  If the top end is thin, it may be because you are not letting the reed vibrate freely.  Your airway should be as open for high notes as it is for low notes.  Be aware that you are not choking off the sound in your throat.



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