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by brianlapham
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4 years ago

New member, question on brands


I'm new to this forum, but a sax player from way back.  I sold my Yas-62 about 20 years ago and am looking to get back into the habit.  I can't afford a 62 for what they're going for right now, so I've decided to look into the possibility of getting one of those cheaper chinese knock-offs just to get my chops back.  Any suggestions?  I've been looking at a Palm Winds Series A alto, but can't seem to find much info on the web about it specifcally.  Any thoughts on that?


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  1. by GFC
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    4 years ago

    Re: New member, question on brands

    There are lots of good, relatively inexpensive horns from east Asia and lots of ones that aren't so good.  Be careful of online offers of no-name horns.  Jupiter, Paul Mauriat, Antigua, and Cannonball currently offer good student grade horns and they have brick-and-mortar distribution.  Kessler, Chateau, and Saxgourmet are online shops that have good quality but inexpensive offerings.  The overall quality of Asian horns has vastly improved in recent years, so used ones are not certain to be of the same quality as newer ones of the same brand.  You might be able to get a deal on a used YAS-23 or YAS-62.

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    1. by capesax
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      3 years ago

      Re: New member, question on brands

      Give saxquest a look,just got a used YAS62 overhauled there,at a fair price.

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  2. by kelsey
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    3 years ago

    Re: New member, question on brands

    Your YAS 62 that you sold is a great horn. If I were you I'd look for a used one on craigs list. If you want a new horn or repairs done it's hard to beat Saxquest!

    Barry Kelsey

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