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by howieb4
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10 months ago

Help with ID of early Conn Tenor

Hi. I've looked at the serial numbers and photos on the forum and I just can't seem to match mine up. I have a Conn Tenor with serial number M225063. There is a T above and an L below the number. It falls into the range of a Chu Berry, but the engraving on the bell does not match what the site is showing. It could be that the horn has worn so much that I can't tell what it is.  I did play this through school and in a blues band about 20 years ago. It belonged to one of my dad's best friends that played professionaly with it in the Detroit area back in the day. I can get more photos later, these are just the ones I have on my phone.



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  1. by howieb4
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    9 months ago

    Re: Help with ID of early Conn Tenor

    I did a bit more searching on the site an it appears my sax has the same engravings as the two Silverplate and Matt Gold Plate Chu Berrys. I never bothered to lookl at those since my horn is neither silver or gold.

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  2. by qbaker
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    8 months ago

    Re: Help with ID of early Conn Tenor


    I can't tell you the make of the horn. I do know that the (L) you mentioned, stands for (Low Pitched) sometimes engraved LP.  First vintage horns were made H or HP, Hight Pitched and later Low Pitched (more accurately in tuned to the concert C modern instruments of their contemporaries and today) were made.

    In general, if purchasing a vintage horn, a HP (High Pitched) instrument will be near impossible to tune to modern day instruments and instead is better acquired as a collectors item or item to be played solo for fun/entertainment. If ones preference is to play on/own vintage horn for performance, a Low Pitched instrument is 'ideal' since you'll want to be 'in' tune with your other musician counterparts. -;) 

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