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by Shaun Thompson
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13 years ago


What Concertos would your recommend? I am planning on auditioning for a few Concerto/Aria competitions, and I'm new to the Concerto world! So send some ideas!

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  1. by PsuSax
    (25 posts)

    13 years ago

    Re: Concertos

    Concertos w/Orchestra: Glazanov Concerto Ibert Concertino de Camera Dubois Concerto Boutry Divertimento Torke Concerto (soprano) Concertos w/Band: Dahl Concerto Husa Concerto or Elige and Rondo (I forget) Erikson Concerto Concertos for either: Creston Concerto Mucynzki Concerto There are a lot more, this is just a few of the common ones. -Andrew

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  2. by dj_smith_job738
    (1 post)

    12 years ago

    Re: Concertos

    if anybody has a recording of the dubois concerto please email me

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    1. by OANegrin
      (26 posts)

      12 years ago

      Dubois Concerto recordings

      Eugene Rousseau on CD "Saxophone Concertos" available from very cheap. Greg Banaszak on CD "Saxophone Concertos" and Daniel Gremelle on CD "Le Saxophone Concertant" available from not so cheap. Manfred Wordtmann on CD "Concerto" available on not cheap at all. Vincent David on CD "Adolphe Sax International Competition 1994" unavailable, out of print, good luck finding this one. OANegrin

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