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by ELSaxiDad
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11 years ago


I play a Selmer Super 80 Series Alto with a Dukoff # 6 chamber mouthpiece. I recently bought a Yamaha Yss-875 and purchased a Bari Gold mouthpiece. I Don't seem to be able to drive the Soprano like I can my Alto. Anyone out there have any suggestions as to what mouthpiece (or reed) combo for the Soprano I should get given the Dukoff #6 I play the Alto with? Thanks Vinny

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  1. by YanagisawA-901
    (312 posts)

    10 years ago

    Re: Mouthpieces

    i kno this may seem very broad and like, crazy out in the open.. but a softer reed that blows easier and a more open piece.. i like javas for a reed cuz they play very easily..donno bout mouthpiece

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    1. by saxguy9345
      (21 posts)

      10 years ago

      Re: Mouthpieces

      Ah boy take this with a grain of salt, but I have two soprano mouthpieces. Both are Selmer S80's, one a C* and the other a G. Yeah a G facing. Its crazy open, but since my main chops are alto I find it easier to control with a harder reed. On base with your Dukoff 6* on alto, I know that if I put a slab of reed on my S80 G the sound will be pure and smooth, perfect for a classical setting. If I choose the Hemke 2 1/2, however, the thing screams and gets a really nice edge. It would be my reccomendation.

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      1. by ELSaxiDad
        (2 posts)

        10 years ago

        Re: Mouthpieces

        Thanks SaxGuy9345. It's almost like I'm overblowing on the Soprano (plus it's making me feel like I am going to have a stroke -- ha ha). The Dukoff 6 is a fairly big opening and I get a lot of sound out of that Alto. If anything, I agree with you that a harder reed and maybe a larger face on the Soprano mouthpiece might do it. The problem is, everytime you buy one of these things, you're spending lots of hard earned $$$ you know?

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