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by diminishedpower
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12 years ago

refacing your mouthpieces

who has tried it? i know you should be expierenced at it first but i was angry at my meyer 5m and thought what the heck. I recurved the front which got rid of my squeaks. and opened the tip a little more. Love the sound. Anyone know websites that deal with making mouthpieces?

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  1. by tenor562
    (297 posts)

    12 years ago

    Re: refacing your mouthpieces

    I don't mess with my mouthpieces myself. However, many people thrive on their custom refaced mouthpieces. Theo Wanne is a great mouthpiece refacer, who many people commend highly. His website has many terms and a lot of information about mouthpieces in the resource section. Good Luck

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    1. by jazaddict
      (41 posts)

      11 years ago

      Re: refacing your mouthpieces

      Keith Bradbury ( darkened my SR Tech Pro. Excellent results. I'm gonna send a stock soprano mpc to him with some instructions soon. His work was excellent and his price was pretty reasonable.

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