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by 10rsax
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12 years ago

Tenor..."CAPITOL" Lordon's, Wash.D.C. #21628, Any Info?

This old tenor has tone holes from 1/8" stock with a beveled, or angled cut where it meets the pad. Is This an old Conn, or Martin? Any help with I D will help. Will this horn make a player, or a better wall hanger?

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  1. by saxismyaxe
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    12 years ago

    Re: Tenor..."CAPITOL" Lordon's, Wash.D.C. #21628, Any Info?

    Martin and Martin made stencils are the only horns made with beveled tone holes as you have described, and did so throughout their production history, until they began to import Saxophones for their line of instruments in the 70's. This alone would indicate that your horn is indeed a Martin stencil.

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