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by tony4strings
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12 years ago

whats this "low pitch" business ??

on the back of my beuscher alto it says "low pitch", whats that about then ? i dont mind coz it sounds and plays amazing - i'd just like to know about this "low pitch" thing and what it means/meant. cheers

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  1. by connsaxman_jim
    (2336 posts)

    12 years ago

    Re: whats this "low pitch" business ??

    Hi Tony, Low pith means that your saxophones is compatable with the pitch standard that is used today; A=440. Back in the days when your saxophone was made, there were 2 standards of pitch; high pitch (A=457) and low pitch (A=440). Although most saxophones sold in the US were low pitch, a few were hi pitched (mostly European exports) up until the mid 1950's. Today, low pitch is standard worldwide.

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