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by YanagisawA-901
(312 posts)
10 years ago

Jazz piece..

i know theres like 100000000 posts bout this already.. but o well deal with it.. im not so much in the market for a new piece as i just want an idea right now.. i tried my friends meyer 6m i think and i didnt like it.. rather stuffy.. i want a really loud, open free blowing piece.. Alto...

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  1. by AJBalettie
    (11 posts)

    10 years ago

    Re: Jazz piece..

    Go with an Otto Link 6 or 6*. That should help your problems.

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  2. by Island991
    (22 posts)

    9 years ago

    Re: Jazz piece..

    Ive got a yani 991 and im currently using a Jody Jazz ESP .83 its a beautiful free blowing mpc if you have the money for it. Just tried a meyer this week, 8m i think it was, and i have to say i got on really well with it. think i might get one.

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