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by Sax_Shark
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12 years ago

Soprano Sax Wanted

I've played tenor for several years now and have become quite accomplished on it. Now, I would like to begin doubling in the jazz band at school b/t tenor and soprano. Does anyone have advice or information on buying one online? Also, I need to know some good brand names and websites to buy one from. Thanks.

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  1. by Paduano
    (16 posts)

    12 years ago

    Re: Soprano Sax Wanted

    Well, some good brand names would probably be yamaha and if you can find one, a selmer. Places to find them:

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  2. by saxman1990
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    11 years ago

    Re: Soprano Sax Wanted

    I am doing the exact same thing as you are. I am also a tenor player and now starting to play soprano.I looked on this site and alot of people said look at the Antiqua saxophones.. So I did and I got one. I could not be more happy. A good website to go to is

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