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by The_┬žax
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12 years ago

Band Tour

My High School Stage Band are going on a band tour in a few months time and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of some fun things to do. We will be playing in some schools and at some public places but what other general things are there to do?

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  1. by brace_face
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    12 years ago

    Re: Band Tour

    hello! well it really depends on where you go! we went to melbourne last year (u probably knew that already but hey) and we had a lot of free time in the city; we went shopping and stuff, and on one of the nights we saw a concert by the melbourne symph orcehstra. we did so much travelling around victoria lol. we wandered aimlessly around the towns; in ballarat this dude took us on this weird toury thing. so yeah, it depends on where your goin i guess. hey, when r u goin??? and how long for? cya, your fellow sax player.

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    1. by checkster
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      11 years ago

      Re: Band Tour

      This would be a good thread to help me out too. Im going on a 3 week tour of europe next summer, with some other selected jazz musicians from my stae. Any ideas of some fun ways to pass time?

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