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by Roccosm
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12 years ago


Doe's any one here play One of these Italian Saxophone's , They look very nice .

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  1. by Bollen
    (39 posts)

    12 years ago


    Well I don't own one but I had the enormous pleasure of trying a tenor in Copenhagen last year. It was "Vintage" model (it's just the name of the model, the sax is actually quiet new) and personally I think they are what every sax player dreams of. They have a huge sound, very warm, vey even in all registers, incredibly in tune. The low B sounds by itself, you could put it against the wind and it will give you a perfect, full sounding sub-tone. I thinks it's due to the fact that they are a bit wider (Inner diamater) than most horns. I should mention that is has several mechanical improvements like the bis key which is not a pearl like every other horn but more like a curved rib-shape popping out. I hope this helps.

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  2. by BVP123
    (9 posts)

    10 years ago


    Joe Lovano plays on a Borgani

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