Guest Articles

A Cool find at Saxquest - the original Buescher 400 sample tenor sax bell - approved by E. Todt
Feb 04, 2015

Edward B. Todt - Buescher Superintendent 1929-1944
Author: Mark Overton

The New Buffet SENZO - a Perfect Marriage of French and German Saxophone Manufacturing
Jan 19, 2015

The new Buffet SENZO - review and details of in manufacture.
Author: Mark Overton

The Selmer-U.S. Padless Saxophone
Sep 09, 2014

A brief history of the Selmer-U.S. Padless Saxophone and its invention by Eugene Sander.
Author: Mark Overton

The Two Greatest Photos of the 20th Century
Jul 19, 2014

The greatest minds of the 20th century
Author: Mark Overton

How many F-mezzo saxophone did C.G. Conn actually make?
Oct 10, 2013

An extrapolation of how many Conn F-saxophones were produced.
Author: Mark Overton

Feb 21, 2013

The monstrous double Bb sub-contrabass saxophone
Author: Attilio Berni

1945 GEORGE M. BUNDY - Letter Reporting on the State of Musical Instrument Manufacturing at Selmer Paris and in Europe after WWII
Feb 05, 2013

After nearly six years of war and a brutal Nazis occupation, George Bundy is one of the first U.S. civilians allowed into France. In this letter he reports on how Selmer and other musical instrument manufactured have fared the difficult times.
Author: Mark Overton

C.G. Conn Ladies Band 1921-1938
Aug 01, 2012

C.G. Conn Ladies Band was organized in about 1921 and was composed of Conn women factory employees. The band rehearsed and played actively until 1938.
Author: Mark Overton

Saxophone Mouthpiece Facing Charts
Jun 03, 2012

This should be used as a guide to compare facing of mouthpiece from different manufactures. This chart shows factory specs for each manufactures facing designation in thousandths of an inch.
Author: Mark Overton

Oliver Sain's Archway Sound Studio
Apr 20, 2012

Oliver Sain's Archway Sound Studio
Author: Mark Overton

Where are the First 750 Selmer Paris Saxophones
Jan 24, 2012

Article that describes the very early (pre-serie 1922/modele 22) Selmer saxophones.
Author: Mark Overton