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Manufacturer: kessler &sons
Model: custom deluxe alto sax

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By: jon henri  See all of this user's reviews  on Oct 03, 2013

another piece of chinese junk. bought this sax off of dave kessler himself. at the time i only had a conn selmer sax and when i mentioned that to him he scoffed and said his kessler line was so much better and that his were made at the same factory as conn selmer saxophone and he could offer such a better deal since he didnt have as many middle men as conn selmer. so i purchased his custom deluxe model with all the engraving, he also packed it in a big box with a million foam peanuts.
well from the time i got it, it couldnt play a low note to save its life. thought it might of been me but heah wait i was fine on my conn selmer. so after taking this sax to a tech i was told that the keywork  metal was very soft and that it would probally never stay in tune, after closer inspection i found out that the tone holes were so grossly unlevel is also why it was leaking there was peaks and valleys on the tone holes like you wouldnt beleive. i was told buy the tech that he could probally fix but it was going to need a complete overhaul, tone holes leveled, new pads and he also said he couldnt guarantee that it would stay in tune very long because the metal was too soft. so disappointing. i could of bought a great vintage sax for this price and that is what i ended up doing and have been very happy with my buescher tt since. his sax is wall art now and i had to learn an expensive lesson. made a vow to never buy anything from dave kessler or any chinese saxophones again.

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