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Buescher from 1962

I purchased a 62 model Buescher Tenor Sax for my son. He says that because its old it is crap. I play Tuba and variuos string…

13 years ago
by Donnie The B (282 posts)

cheap quality studio time

For all those in the greater Sacramento area. My bussiness asociates and I have recently opened up Thoght Process Recordings…

13 years ago
by greg-sax (2 posts)

Witch -n- The Saint

Yea, i get to play it.. im happy has anyone had the oppertunity to play this song?? its amazing, its about 10 minutes long…

13 years ago
by darkslide (1 post)

Looking for an inexpensive soprano sax to mess around on.

Hello all- I am a first time poster. I have been playing strictly jazz alto sax for a long time, and I feel like I want to ex…

13 years ago
by Saxon (100 posts)

what did you play during your marching season

we played the planets like everyone else in texas and we got a 2 a stinking 2 i have never got a 2 in my life it's rediculous…

13 years ago
by mojosmarty08 (2 posts)

panic setting in-- only good reed warped 4 days before disctricts auditions i have district auditions on sat. i have a decent chance of getting in ( playing alto on this bit.) and my crazy awesom…

13 years ago
by CountSpatula (602 posts)

New Band, New sax?

Im trying out for the top band at my high school. i was thinking that i might want a new sax. Any suggestions?

13 years ago
by woutanh (19 posts)


What kind of tenor can anyone suggest. I'm a new tenor switching from a year of alto. All suggestions apreciated. Also this w…

13 years ago
by jackpepper (2 posts)


What kind of tenor can anyone suggest. I'm a new tenor switching from a year of alto. All suggestions apreciated.

13 years ago
by jackpepper (2 posts)

Any 14 yr olds wanna talk?

Anyone around my age (14) wanna talk? Thanks

13 years ago
by alto-man (3 posts)

How many of you...?

How many of your high school band teachers teach some amount of Jazz Theory in your Jazz bands? My band teacher isn't teachin…

13 years ago
by Radjammin (255 posts)

Advanced High School sax player on Ref 54, looking for jazz mouthpiece options.

Hey everyone. I was just wondering, I have been playing sax now for 8 years, and I just upgraded majorly from a Bundy II Teno…

13 years ago
by JaZzer (25 posts)

Ohio Saxaphones

Any of ya'll from Ohio? Perhaps in the Mahoning County area even? I'm a Junior at the Western Reserve (or Reverse, depending…

13 years ago
by saxmasterfunk (18 posts)

did anyone noe d song "saxorientale"?

Did anyone noe d song "saxorientale"?

13 years ago
by saxophonist@chcb (1 post)

Solo music

Does anyone know if the piece "Going Home" in Kenny G: Easy Solos For Saxophone is the song from the movie Local Hero, or a d…

13 years ago
by Sax Mom (964 posts)


Hey, i am in eigth grade and play Tnor sax and clarinet. i am currently using a Vandoren 5 reed on my clarinet and have been…

13 years ago
by bigred (43 posts)

Band Quiters

People who quit band for ATHLETICS in small (3A) Schools

13 years ago
by Saxalope (7 posts)

good audition pieces

i most likely auditioning for a music minor, or maybe major in the winter/spring semester. The only requirements are 2 songs…

13 years ago
by vaggmann (8 posts)

ska, anyone?

anybody know about playing techniques, scales, licks, anything of that nature for playing Ska? i really want to start a ska…

13 years ago
by vaggmann (8 posts)

marching band camp senior pranks?

anyone have any good ideas? I'm a senior now and band camp starts in a little more than a week. We need ideas for pranks. I a…

13 years ago
by gemster (51 posts)

All State Band Solo

Hi, I'm a senior this year, and I was wondering if anyone knew any good ideas for a solo for trying out for all state band. I…

13 years ago
by Dark Eyes (138 posts)

Jazz Mouthpieces for Tenor

Its my senior year and I've finally made my way to 1st tenor in our schools top jazz band. The bad thing is that right now th…

13 years ago
by Joe Hamilton (8 posts)

EM winston rainbow series sax

I am not a sax player. i browsed around the forum but didn't find any discussion on this particular model, hence this posting…

13 years ago
by saxseeker (2 posts)

Killer Switch Anyone?

Does anyone else find it difficult to switch from jazz to classical. At my school I am lead alto in the jazz band and first c…

13 years ago
by selmerfan (67 posts)

Eastman Music Horizons July 8-28

Anyone gonna be there?

13 years ago
by jenntheflutist (11 posts)
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