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Grant Resources For Child Sax

I am in dire need of any infor

7 years ago
by worldfamousdog (1 post)

Metal Mouthpieces

Alright, I'm a senior in high school, going to be a music double major next year in college. I've been doing a lot of playing…

7 years ago
by saxandbassplayer (42 posts)

New Tenor Sax

Hi, I'm a sophmore in high school, and I really need a new sax. I've been using a school owned tenor sax for the past couple…

7 years ago
by Saxyboy (52 posts)

SYMS music camp?

My teacher recomended me to go to the New Hampshire SYMS music camp. it costs a $1,175 for 2 weeks. thatz a lot of money and…

7 years ago
by BandGeek92104 (22 posts)

Clainet to Sax switch

I'm hoping to switch to either an alto sax or tenor sax for Jazz Band. I've heard of the "China" brands and am wondering (bec…

7 years ago
by SaxSolo (3 posts)

What difference does a sax neck make?

I' a freshman in high school and I've been playing sax for 6 years. What do good alto sax necks allow you to do and why are s…

7 years ago
by The Insomniac Saxman (141 posts)

Donna Lee

Hello Everybody! I've been looking for a copy of Donna Lee for tenor sax. I've only been able to find copies for piano and my…

7 years ago
by The Insomniac Saxman (141 posts)

Tenor sax

Does any one know of Reggae music for the tenor sax?

7 years ago
by mjohnnie (66 posts)

Tenor Sax Rep

I'm a junior in high school and was wondering what are some more good sonatas out there for tenor I should check out and also…

7 years ago
by Donnie The B (282 posts)

Is this an ideal soprano?

Okay... I play a selmer alto but i'm looking for a soprano under $600. I have had my eye on a cecilio and/or a selman. Psst..…

7 years ago
by Donnie The B (282 posts)

What are you playing in band?

I want to know what you guys are playing in concert band, wind band, wind symphony, etc. For christmas, we played: -Santa's S…

7 years ago
by Cookienessness (1 post)

william zayas

I nee jeolp in spanish

7 years ago
by newreedsyndrome (343 posts)

Can anyone ID this alto by a picture?

Pardon my inexperience.... At first I thought "Great, a unique purple sax for under $500" but now I see all kinds of purples…

7 years ago
by rockinerd (7 posts)

New Sax

Hello. I'm looking into buying my first tenor sax. I have about $500 that I got for Christmas and from birthdays. I do not wa…

7 years ago
by SaxDude619 (11 posts)

Son plays Alto...what to buy?

Hi everyone- I've follwed the "Jim's approved list" thread, which was tremendously helpful to get me started, but now have s…

7 years ago
by flamom (15 posts)

whats your fav. music? whats most popular?

I guess that most high school sax players have the same style of music preferences? All play marching tunes ! Or do some of…

7 years ago
by Dark Eyes (138 posts)


any oregon players??????????????????????????????????????

7 years ago
by sultanofsax (31 posts)

Stephanhouser zas500lq

Ever hear of Stephanhouser Sax? My son is in 6th grade and is renting this brand new sax for $52.00/mo. I am not happy. We wa…

7 years ago
by definition (963 posts)

Marching and Jazz Band.......

Does anyone have any cool field shows that your high school band did?? Any cool jazz songs you played??? Just wondering.....…

7 years ago
by Dark Eyes (138 posts)


Ok i need some help you see I cant find anything to play for my solo contest that isnt to easy can you help me I need somethi…

7 years ago
by ~*~SexySaxPlayer~*~ (1 post)

conn shootung star alto sax

Hi,I just bought a conn shooting star alto sax at an estate sale..Serial #N105967..Is this one of the better ones produced or…

7 years ago
by Sax Mom (964 posts)

Hmmm...Anyone else notice this?

Has anyone else noticed that saxophones rarely get yelled at for crappy playing in band? It's true for my band... But is it f…

7 years ago
by Joe Hamilton (8 posts)

Buescher from 1962

I purchased a 62 model Buescher Tenor Sax for my son. He says that because its old it is crap. I play Tuba and variuos string…

7 years ago
by Donnie The B (282 posts)

cheap quality studio time

For all those in the greater Sacramento area. My bussiness asociates and I have recently opened up Thoght Process Recordings…

7 years ago
by greg-sax (2 posts)

Witch -n- The Saint

Yea, i get to play it.. im happy has anyone had the oppertunity to play this song?? its amazing, its about 10 minutes long…

8 years ago
by darkslide (1 post)
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