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Tuners and saxophones

Since everyone who is serious about playing well needs to practice long tones with a tuner, I thought I'd share my experience…

11 years ago
by saxschool (2 posts)

Ligature LC37L Vandoren

What do you think about this ligature???

i'm interested ....…

11 years ago
by frocha

What mouthpiece can i get?

Hello, im just looking to buy a descent mouthpiece for my tenor saxophone. somewhere between $20-30, i know it's impossibl…

11 years ago
by GFC (842 posts)

Otto Link "Double Ring" or "Double Line" tenor mp model info?

I recently got this great Otto Link STM Double ring/line tenor piece. It's a 5* with the serial # H3 on the side. Just won…

11 years ago
by GFC (842 posts)

Contemporary Jazz mouthpiece?

I am looking for a tenor mouthpiece that bring out my low ends. Like makes my low end nice and warm but not airy, but at t…

11 years ago
by birdlover (43 posts)

Please Can Someone Help Identify This Strap?

Hello fellow players,

I am interested in finding out where I can purchase a strap identical or similar to the o…

11 years ago
by Saxaboom

New Case For 1932 Conn Tenor - Is This A Large Bell Horn?

I have a 1932 Conn tenor sax with the split bell keys.  I need to replace my old hard case and am looking at a Protec…

11 years ago
by GFC (842 posts)

High Quality, Great looking Wallmounts - Sax, Brass, Flutes...

Hi One & All,

I'm the sole US Distributor for a European Manufacturer of Sax and instrument wall mounts.

11 years ago
by Tom Pearson (5 posts)

Otto link

So I was looking at this metal Otto link at wwbw. It's not the vintage, it's the $150 one. I heard that these have had some q…

11 years ago
by saxman76 (6 posts)

Jazz Mouthpiece Recommendations

Hi everyone,
My name is Henry. I'm new to the forums and I need a new mouthpiece for my tenor. I started playing alto…

11 years ago
by GFC (842 posts)

Help! Need to find a good mouthpiece for tenor sax!

Hello! My name is Tori and I have been playing the sax for since 5th grade. (junior in highschool right now) For a highsch…

11 years ago
by GFC (842 posts)

12 M key and guard needed


11 years ago
by saxgourmet (127 posts)

What a difference a mouthpiece makes

I've only been back to alto-sax playing a couple of months and had just been using the mouthpiece that came with the horn.…

12 years ago
by Saxquest (420 posts)


Ive played the alto saxophone for five years. However, I stopped playing for four years. Im now in college and I bought a…

12 years ago
by dktramel (1 post)

Looking for an alto sax/clarinet/flute combo case

I'm trying to find an alto sax/flute/clarinet combo case, and not coming up with anything. Looks like ProTec stopped makin…

12 years ago
by tsatryan

Information needed-Baritone Mouthpeice "COBELLE" London

I have a Sax Baritone mouthpiece that I am researching with the view of selling it

I cannot find any informati…

12 years ago
by cbruce620

Mark Vl

After playing a lot of horns, mostly vintage with some newer Yamaha's thrown in, I have come to the conclusion that the Mark…

12 years ago
by otto larsen (1 post)

Tenor Mouthpieces

Researching the Guardala MBII, the Otto Link mp 8, and the Berg Larsen 110/1. 

(Also looking at the new D…

12 years ago
by tempomaster (36 posts)

Yamaha YAS-875 Custom Alto for Sale

Selling my Yamaha YAS-875 Custom Alto Sax.

Asking for $2,000 plus shipping costs.

Ships f…

12 years ago
by laurenevanssax (1 post)

I mean...can neck straps GET any more boring?

Why isn't anyone making neck straps that are as sexy and cool as guitar straps? Even the ones made by Levy's - and they make…

12 years ago
by tmunginshaw (1 post)

Mark Vl

I have a Mark Vl Alto I bought new in 1973 or 74?? Serial number is 233XXX. My question is, the list of Selmer Mark Vl ser…

12 years ago
by Saxquest (420 posts)


TAIWAN SAHDUOO SAXOPHONE CO., LTD. very request the quality of product, and We started to made saxophone from  1…

12 years ago

Selmer Soprano Mouthpiece

Hello everyone. Just joined, from San Diego Ca. I am not professional, but do enjoy playing a great deal. I have a Selmer…

12 years ago
by Selmersity

Brilhart Enduro reeds, Vibrators

I've got a handful of these reeds - some badly used, some pristine. Also, the Vibrators have longitudinal carvings in them.…

12 years ago
by Carolina (0 posts)

Jody jazz Dv Problem!

Hello everyone!

I have a problem with my alto.mouthpiece-jody jazz dv-6 

I have a lot of sqeaks espec…

12 years ago
by Artison (2 posts)
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