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I am 15 and have played tenor sax for two years now in my high school band. This year I started playing 1st tenor in our jazz…

13 years ago
by MarkLavelle (300 posts)

Good Reed Trimmer

Hi Everyone, I am looking to buy a Good Alto reed trimmer and i just wanted to get some of your opinions on the good ones out…

13 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

otto link mouthpieces

What is the difference between a otto link New york metal mouthpiece and a normal otto link metal mouthpiece

13 years ago
by saxman1990 (25 posts)

Bari Saxes

Hey everybody. Im 15 years old and in high school I play bari sax in my schools concert band and jazz band. Im also in a grou…

13 years ago
by saxophonik (73 posts)

Baritone saxophone

What are the the tonal differences between, a Yanagisawa B901,an Allora baritone saxophone; and the Keilworth ST90? Do any of…

13 years ago
by sylvesta (3 posts)

Where to try mouthpieces in the UK?

Hi all, I've recently started playing my sax again after many years of inactivity. I've joined a couple of bands and have st…

13 years ago
by Dave Dix (421 posts)

I wish I hadn't read this. Keilwerth owners brace yourselves!

Last summer I spent nearly $4000 on my new nickel silver Keilwerth SX90R tenor sax. I am happy with it, but bought this horn…

13 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)

silver tarish

Hey everybody, I just got back my silver conn from bein overhauled(w/o any buffing or re-plateing) and it looks and plays as…

13 years ago
by saxgod_0021 (4 posts)

Nete Mouthpiece

Has anybody tried a NETe "paul desmond" mouthpiece? It is supposed to be a copy of a gregory. any opinions? Ive never heard o…

13 years ago
by Augman (29 posts)

Need advice, pls: mpc, lig for my 11-year old.

How important is mpc & lig for a starting sax player? He's using a freshly overhauled '68 Conn alto (14M Director) with the o…

13 years ago
by keycup (12 posts)

Chicago - music stores?

I'm heading to downtown Chicago for a weekend in November, and was wondering what good music stores there are. I'm looking to…

13 years ago
by Bordnfool (1 post)

otto link JA facing

hey, anybody ever heard of a tenor otto link from the early 70's late 60's that was called the JA (Jay Arnold) model or facin…

13 years ago
by blydeen (2 posts)

Mouthpiece for Soprano?

Hello to All, I am considering buying a new Antigua Winds Soprano Saxophone and I was wondering the difference in metal and h…

13 years ago
by saxtech (12 posts)

Help with reeds

Although I have been playing alto sax for a long time (mainly amateur concert band stuff), I am woefully ignorant about equip…

13 years ago
by saxtech (12 posts)

Runyon Mouthpieces

Hey Everyone, Please can you give me your opinions on the Runyon Mouthpieces. In particular; The Custom, The Custom Jazz, and…

13 years ago
by kennyj (24 posts)

Saxophone Case Help

I have a 1956 Conn 14m Director or Shooting Star Alto. The bell keys are on the left side. My case (not original) is deterior…

13 years ago
by closelabs (10 posts)

Walt Johnson Cases

I know that Walt Johnson cases for saxes are the best protecting cases u can get, but can i get it on an airplane as my carry…

13 years ago
by The_§ax (147 posts)

Selmer Signet alto

What can you tell me about this model? Where can I find serial number chart for this item? Serial number 4691XX...what age? W…

14 years ago
by phathorn (165 posts)

Metal Mouthpiece

Hey. I'm in the process of purchasing another metal mouthpiece, and i have heard great things about the vandoren v16. The que…

14 years ago
by daonlybg (8 posts)

sheet music???

I'm a busy guy and going to stores/ordering online can be a little hassle...dont ask....does anyone know where online can I f…

14 years ago
by Sax Mom (964 posts)

More Mouthpiece Questions..

Hey, ok some background. I am a 16 year old alto, soprano, and bari player thats a Junior in highschool. I have usually kept…

14 years ago
by Aesop89 (12 posts)

Mouthpiece and Ligature Combinations

Hi Everyone, I have just bought a new Runyon Custom Spoiler Series mouthpiece for my alto and i was wondering what ligature i…

14 years ago
by The_§ax (147 posts)

reeds???? what should i do

i have been playing with reco's since 6th grade im a 11th grader now and what to branch to better reed types, what is a list…

14 years ago
by daonlybg (8 posts)

Setup for a vintage sax..

hi guys.. i have a julius keilwerth sax.. wondering if yamaha 5M or meyer 5M would suit it best?? plus.. will the new fortiss…

14 years ago
by Sazzy_Sax (14 posts)

comparing tenor metal mouthpieces.

I play a "New York Super Tone Master 8* Otto Link" and was looking to expand my choice in sound.. Started reading up on other…

14 years ago
by k7michal (34 posts)
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