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Dukoff Super Chamber

I have a Dukoff metal tenor mouthpiece that looks strikingly similar to the Super Chamber M6.  It was given to me by…

2 years ago
by Zaxman (31 posts)

New V21 Reeds for Saxophone in a Nutshell

I am the products rep at Saxquest INC in Saint Louis Missouri. I had a recent e-mail exchange…

2 years ago
by Zaxman

Bronze vs. Steel ?

Looking at picking up a Berg Larsen metal mpc. . . Any thoughts ? Bronze or Steel ? . . New or Vintage ?

2 years ago
by Haanzig (16 posts)

Yamaha Custom G1 alto neck

I'm trying to find one of these necks for my 62.  Any help will be appreciated

2 years ago
by ferhal86 (12 posts)

F/s Yamaha YAS-23 Student Alto Saxophone cost $1100usd

We sell all kind of musical instruments and other electronics with warranty guaranteed and also working perfectly…

2 years ago
by sound90

YTS necks

I own a Yamaha 62 purple logo tenor.  I use it to backup my Mark Vl tenor. I like it a lot! Lately&nbs…

2 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

Soprano MP too far down necks?

I recently purchased a Jean Baptiste used, in excellent condition.  I know it's not a superior horn.  I had a go…

2 years ago
by GFC (716 posts)

V5 A27

I received a used a V5 A27 mouthpiece a few years back as a gift from a friend. These days I don't play classical music mu…

3 years ago
by Obbligato

Tenor Sax Questions

I am currently investing into my tenor sax and I have an Otto link New York model mouthpiece for a bright and sharp tone,…

3 years ago
by Lucasguy11

Ligature sizes?

A while ago I bought a Claude Lakey Apollo 7* and recently bought a ligature for it. Rover Dark 2R. But the ligature is mu…

3 years ago
by GFC (716 posts)

Brilhart Tonalin great neck alto mouthpiece 5 digit number

I have a Brilhat Tonalin great neck alto saxophone mouthpiece 5 digit number and was wondering any information as year mad…

3 years ago
by blues777

yss end plug

Where can I buy an end plug for a Yamaha 675 soprano sax. I, at present, am useing a cut down wine cork???....I guess…

3 years ago
by kelsey

Saxophone Case Questionaire

Hey guys, I am an engineering student at Blue Springs High School And me and my partner decided that we wanted to see if w…

3 years ago
by Yendis

need to know about buying a sax from this place:

the name of this place is

3 years ago
by mr.l (5 posts)

Any recommendations for A mouthpiece?

I am an 8th grader currently on my third year of playing. I am starting to move to a higher level and in search of a mouth…

3 years ago
by mr.l (5 posts)

C soprano sax?

Not that I want one, but do they make a soprano sax in C? I already have enough trouble with my Yamaha 675 soprano in Bb,…

3 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

F. E. Olds Alto Sax

I actually bought an F. E. Olds NA63J PRO model, Series 2000 Alto Sax... and LOVE IT... has anyone else out there tried it an…

3 years ago
by edward.biged (2 posts)

Otto link issues

hey guys. About 4 weeks ago I ordered a Otto link Bari metal mouthpeice. My band director wanted me to order it mainly for…

3 years ago
by Saxquest (410 posts)

I need HELP!

Sophomore in high school.

In marching band.

Need help finding a good mouthpiece, ligature, and reeds.

3 years ago
by JWilliams (3 posts)

Selmer VII Tenor?

I have read some really mixed opinions on the Selmer VII sax. I am in the market for a tenor, and have been play testing t…

3 years ago
by HappySax (23 posts)

Old Otto Link mouthpiece

A friend of mine purchased an old beat up 19-teens Buescher horn (neck piece has a huge crack) to decorate his new living…

3 years ago
by gtzippy (2 posts)

Your jazz setup . . .

Tell me what your current jazz setup is (sax, mouthpiece, ligature, and reeds) and also what its up and downs are and how wel…

3 years ago
by buckeye808 (1 post)

Do mouthpieces work on all or most Tenors?

So I'm relativley new to Saxs, because I normally play Bass Clarinet and I joined our school jazz band, and my band teache…

3 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

Suggestions for recording equipment to aid in learning

Hi, does any one have any suggestions for recording equipment to help in playing/playback for learning and practice p…

3 years ago
by freediver (3 posts)

chinese saxophones

  Are there any sax players out there playing with chinese made instruments ?  if so, would like to hear from &n…

3 years ago
by Slab Hardcheese (3 posts)
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