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Tuners and saxophones

Since everyone who is serious about playing well needs to practice long tones with a tuner, I thought I'd share my experience…

5 years ago
by saxschool (2 posts)

Ligature LC37L Vandoren

What do you think about this ligature???

i'm interested ....…

5 years ago
by frocha

What mouthpiece can i get?

Hello, im just looking to buy a descent mouthpiece for my tenor saxophone. somewhere between $20-30, i know it's impossibl…

5 years ago
by GFC (712 posts)

Otto Link "Double Ring" or "Double Line" tenor mp model info?

I recently got this great Otto Link STM Double ring/line tenor piece. It's a 5* with the serial # H3 on the side. Just won…

5 years ago
by GFC (712 posts)

Contemporary Jazz mouthpiece?

I am looking for a tenor mouthpiece that bring out my low ends. Like makes my low end nice and warm but not airy, but at t…

5 years ago
by birdlover (43 posts)

Please Can Someone Help Identify This Strap?

Hello fellow players,

I am interested in finding out where I can purchase a strap identical or similar to the o…

5 years ago
by Saxaboom

New Case For 1932 Conn Tenor - Is This A Large Bell Horn?

I have a 1932 Conn tenor sax with the split bell keys.  I need to replace my old hard case and am looking at a Protec…

5 years ago
by GFC (712 posts)

High Quality, Great looking Wallmounts - Sax, Brass, Flutes...

Hi One & All,

I'm the sole US Distributor for a European Manufacturer of Sax and instrument wall mounts.

5 years ago
by Tom Pearson (5 posts)

Otto link

So I was looking at this metal Otto link at wwbw. It's not the vintage, it's the $150 one. I heard that these have had some q…

5 years ago
by saxman76 (6 posts)

Jazz Mouthpiece Recommendations

Hi everyone,
My name is Henry. I'm new to the forums and I need a new mouthpiece for my tenor. I started playing alto…

5 years ago
by GFC (712 posts)

Help! Need to find a good mouthpiece for tenor sax!

Hello! My name is Tori and I have been playing the sax for since 5th grade. (junior in highschool right now) For a highsch…

5 years ago
by GFC (712 posts)

12 M key and guard needed


5 years ago
by saxgourmet (128 posts)

What a difference a mouthpiece makes

I've only been back to alto-sax playing a couple of months and had just been using the mouthpiece that came with the horn.…

5 years ago
by Saxquest (407 posts)


Ive played the alto saxophone for five years. However, I stopped playing for four years. Im now in college and I bought a…

5 years ago
by dktramel (1 post)

Looking for an alto sax/clarinet/flute combo case

I'm trying to find an alto sax/flute/clarinet combo case, and not coming up with anything. Looks like ProTec stopped makin…

5 years ago
by tsatryan

Information needed-Baritone Mouthpeice "COBELLE" London

I have a Sax Baritone mouthpiece that I am researching with the view of selling it

I cannot find any informati…

5 years ago
by cbruce620

Mark Vl

After playing a lot of horns, mostly vintage with some newer Yamaha's thrown in, I have come to the conclusion that the Mark…

5 years ago
by otto larsen (1 post)

Tenor Mouthpieces

Researching the Guardala MBII, the Otto Link mp 8, and the Berg Larsen 110/1. 

(Also looking at the new D…

5 years ago
by tempomaster (35 posts)

Yamaha YAS-875 Custom Alto for Sale

Selling my Yamaha YAS-875 Custom Alto Sax.

Asking for $2,000 plus shipping costs.

Ships f…

5 years ago
by laurenevanssax (1 post)

I mean...can neck straps GET any more boring?

Why isn't anyone making neck straps that are as sexy and cool as guitar straps? Even the ones made by Levy's - and they make…

6 years ago
by tmunginshaw (1 post)

Mark Vl

I have a Mark Vl Alto I bought new in 1973 or 74?? Serial number is 233XXX. My question is, the list of Selmer Mark Vl ser…

6 years ago
by Saxquest (407 posts)


TAIWAN SAHDUOO SAXOPHONE CO., LTD. very request the quality of product, and We started to made saxophone from  1…

6 years ago

Selmer Soprano Mouthpiece

Hello everyone. Just joined, from San Diego Ca. I am not professional, but do enjoy playing a great deal. I have a Selmer…

6 years ago
by Selmersity

Brilhart Enduro reeds, Vibrators

I've got a handful of these reeds - some badly used, some pristine. Also, the Vibrators have longitudinal carvings in them.…

6 years ago
by Carolina (0 posts)

Jody jazz Dv Problem!

Hello everyone!

I have a problem with my alto.mouthpiece-jody jazz dv-6 

I have a lot of sqeaks espec…

6 years ago
by Artison (2 posts)
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