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Yamaha 82z VS. Cannonball A5-B

Yamaha 82z VS. Cannonball A5-B. Hello everyone I want to know everyone's opinion about which of these 2 saxophones is better…

11 years ago
by Radjammin (255 posts)

LA Sax

I saw some sweet deals lately on LA Sax Pro models. does anyone have any experience with these horns? Have you owned one, pla…

11 years ago
by stlsaxman (1 post)

I need Information about a Conn Silver Tenor Saxophone

Hello friends!. Last summer i bought a Conn Silver Tenor Saxophone and i really don't know nothing about this sax.I hope some…

11 years ago
by LolJellys (8 posts)

conn value and age?????

i have a conn alto sax(i think) that has no letters stamped on the back only numbers...i was wondering if anyone out there ca…

11 years ago
by brokefoot kenny (1 post)

martin centennial

Does anybody have info on a serial number range 135445, with a Martin Logo and another word under it something like "Hornocro…

11 years ago
by kenny11198 (1 post)


own a Paul Gerard Alto Saxophone I picked up in a pawn shop about 40 years ago. I'm trying to find out something about it. I'…

11 years ago
by DCHERRIN (1 post)

Just joined saxquest!

I work at the Woodwind Brasswind in the used instrument Department. I'm not here to try to sell our horns but I come here som…

11 years ago
by Sax Mom (964 posts)

refurbishing a vintage Conn saxophone

I'm trying to do a reality check on a few quotes I've gotten for refurbishing a 1930 Conn New Wonder alto saxophone. It needs…

11 years ago
by cooke (2 posts)

Buying a used sax

My son enjoyed playing a neighbor's saxaphone for school band. We want to make an offer to buy it. All it says is OLDS. What…

11 years ago
by ps (35 posts)

Buescher Windsor

I originally put this msg at the end of a Buescher vintage string. Just looking for advice. I'm a vocalist and keyboards, bu…

11 years ago
by silentchimes (2 posts)

conn alto sax

I found a Conn alto sax #2862, can you tell me its age and value?

11 years ago
by jon45 (1 post)

selmer ts600l

Does anyone know anything about the Selmer ts600l? Is it a good intermediate sax or chinise junk? Thanks

11 years ago
by bettger (3 posts)

The $1,000 soprano sax - Recommendations?

I'd like to buy a soprano sax (straight, not curved) for around $1,000. I've seen good reviews of the Antigua WInds and the W…

11 years ago
by Jazzsax0707 (1 post)

A Newly Acquired Sax

I just acquired a Conn Alto Sax. I believe it belonged to s student. The serial number is 64568. The etching on the bell show…

11 years ago
by Faxman (1 post)

Back...after a long hiatus

Howdy foks!! Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Mike...aka Skyfreak (since my other hobby is skydi…

11 years ago
by skyfreak (5 posts)


just got full upper denture ...can anyone give me any advice on adhesive .tried to play but bitting down on mouthpiece make m…

11 years ago
by DavidA (1 post)

Vintage evette schaeffer

Hello all, I am new to the site, so far it has been helpful. Question, I recently purchased a evette schaeffer tenor horn for…

11 years ago
by D major (1 post)

SML Altos

Hello - I am interested in SML altos - tried one that played great, killer response,etc., but intonation was awful. Is there…

11 years ago
by JG (1 post)

F.E. Olds and Son Alto Sax

My husband and I bought a Sax in Wash. State and brought it back home to Arkansas. We bought it for our grandson for his firs…

11 years ago
by old10m (7 posts)

sax to flute

I haven't been on the site for a while. I presently play alto and sop sax and have been entertaining the idea of picking up t…

11 years ago
by PAW (7 posts)

new member introduction

Hi. I'm a 50's/60's rocker picking up my horn after 40 years off! I've got a Yani 991, and use hard rubber Berg's (90/1 and 9…

11 years ago
by nbaguy1 (11 posts)

buescher elk hart saxophone

i have an old buescher elk hart saxophone 1914.dont know much about it. does anyone out there?

11 years ago
by nana (1 post)

Specs on Conn Saxophone

I came across this beautiful Conn C melody saxophone. Silver satin finish with gold plated inside bell and keys. Serial numbe…

11 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

new to the site, saxes, and well everything in between

hi im a 22 year old college senior and after listening to a lot of jazz ive taken an interest in learning to play the sax. iv…

11 years ago
by Sax Mom (964 posts)


I probably should post something about myself, since I've chimed in on a couple of posts already. I teach middle school band…

11 years ago
by MarkLavelle (300 posts)
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