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about a sax

Does anyone know about the quality of Kolhert saxophones? I am looking into buying a tenor. Any thoughts on cheap saxophones?…

14 years ago
by portlandhead (1 post)

lost sax

hey everyone brand new here and i am needing help. I played sax for 7 years in school from 6th to senior yr. Then i got out o…

14 years ago
by A.C.O. Rob (2 posts)

Tricks for alto sax in Jazz

I'm in the 9th grade and starting my 3rd year in jazz, and improvassasion.(cheack spelling) I have learned a flutter tongue,…

14 years ago
by A.C.O. Rob (2 posts)

Sugal Series IV Alto sax

I would be interested in any comments. I'm comparing buying new ie. Sugal vs vintage, namely the Selmer Balanced Action liste…

14 years ago
by RMUNN (1 post)

mark vi or not

Hello, I'm french, and sorry for my english. I've got an old selmer sax from my father. serial numer is 64*** and it is sil…

14 years ago
by johnsonfromwisconsin (767 posts)

Help with My Beuscher

i have a Buescher serial number 538xxx it says Beuscher Aristocrat no 400 or 200 or anything - the engravinf is horizontal be…

14 years ago
by johnsonfromwisconsin (767 posts)

Vespro Alto low C sharp thru B flat fingerin

I am trying to work out the fingering on this Vespro Alto I just bought. I am 40 years out of practise, so some of the things…

14 years ago
by innunroyce (1 post)

what is a good sax to play

I've been playing a conn and now wanting to try a new brand. Mostly looking for a good sound. Looks is not that important to…

14 years ago
by NickelPlated (20 posts)

Rookie getting his first sax...

Hi All, has anyone ever heard of a Taiwanese manufacturer called 'RS Berkeley' are their saxophones any good? How about Arbit…

14 years ago
by NickelPlated (20 posts)

Grover Washington - Aria

Hi, I am a newcomer to saxquest. I play sop,alto,tenor,bari sax. I am most interested in jazz, but have played a good dose of…

14 years ago
by altobari (2 posts)

Which saxophone to choose?

I am from India, and I don't know where to get branded saxophones from... I enquired the biggest music shops in Chennai, and…

14 years ago
by Stanley (2 posts)

jazz mouthpiece

Greetings from Fresno-anyone ever used the Gary Sugal Gonz or sno-white, or java jumbo or jazz? Thanks-Dakota

14 years ago
by heisseskorper (6 posts)

Vintage Buffet Tenor - relacquer or sell as is?

Hi, just discovered this site so thought I'd check it out and see if anyone can give me feedback on a SDA that I own - #12148…

14 years ago
by cfsatb (11 posts)

Neck for older King Alto

Hi I am new here and in need of a neck for a King Alto sax.

14 years ago
by bjon79 (1 post)

LaBlanc Noblet(?) Tenor Sax Worth?

I got sidetracked at work today. I haven't played it in 30+ years but now that I'm starting to get some free time, I'm thinki…

14 years ago
by jaz13 (1 post)

eugene bozza

im looking for music of eugene bozza. andante et scherzo for 4 sax . if anyonce can send me midi or ancrobar ? thank you.…

14 years ago
by long (1 post)


Back when I was in high school, I learnt to play the sax. I played it for 5 years. I also played the flute at the same time (…

14 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)

Learning Saxophone

Hi All, When I was a kid I was interested in learning Saxophone but I was told that it is a very expensive instrument. I lat…

14 years ago
by HarishM81 (1 post)



14 years ago
by Fish (2 posts)

francois louis mouthpieces

wondering if anyone knows a web address for francois louis. i will be on tour in france and i'm hoping to set up an appointme…

14 years ago
by bronzemonkey992 (22 posts)


Dear Saxophonist, Please beware of an emailer going by "". He has offered to buy my horn off the tra…

14 years ago
by spida (12 posts)

What's so great about a pro horn?

Hi. Showing my ignorance here. I've been reading all the arguments about this brand or that brand of horn being so great, b…

14 years ago
by Sax Mom (964 posts)

New to saxquest

Hi, folks. I'm new to saxquest. I play alto and tenor and am really getting back into sax after a long while pursuing other i…

14 years ago
by Redsax (27 posts)

Introducing myself

Hi All, This is Ajith, from Bangalore. From last 8 months I searched for a teacher to learn playing sax. At last I won. I g…

14 years ago
by p_sri_hari (1 post)

Who I might be.

Hello all. I play sax, or sometimes piano, in bands in UK (sometimes elsewehere if I can get it) and do my own repairs - and…

14 years ago
by othernews (6 posts)
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