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New member and just starting to play...

  Hello everyone Im a new member and have been learning the saxophone for about a year...I have never taken less…

11 years ago
by proindu (3 posts)

Alto 1914 Conn Saxophone

Baught a Dec 9 1914 Conn Alto Saxophone.. M179642... I need to know the value of this saxophone... Danny 

11 years ago
by saxgourmet (127 posts)

New Member looking for advice / information on old saxophone

Hello to all members

My late father left me his saxophone.  It has been in the case for at least the last…

11 years ago
by bkblaida

Hello All!

My name is Gary, and I'm new to this forum, but have been on other forums for a while now. I live in Leominster, Massachus…

11 years ago
by wongsoon (5 posts)

New to Sax &

Hello everyone,
  I am new to the world of Saxophones!  I have always loved the instument  and wanted…

11 years ago
by spencera (5 posts)

Hi from Italy.

Hi, this is tzadik from North Italy.

I'm mechanical engineering student...
I earn some money as freelan…

11 years ago
by tzadik

We are Holley and David

Hi, my husband and I found this forum while searching for information on a sax that he has inherrited from his grandfather…

11 years ago
by holleyd72

Hi from Ryan at Cannonball

Hi everyone. I'm new to saxquest, so I'll introduce myself.             I'm Ryan Lillywhite, and…

11 years ago
by imnlrb (0 posts)

Saxophone "Timbre USA Designed" - need information about it.


I am new in this field and I just bought a saxophone. The brand marked on this saxophone is "Timbre USA…

11 years ago
by cop


Hello, everyone. Ishimori music shop of Tokyo has recently created an english version of it's website for online shopping!…

11 years ago
by michi

in need of sax

im a junior in high school in need of a good alto saxophone. planning to go to college playing and competition season is c…

11 years ago
by saxgourmet (127 posts)

Selmer Mk VI Tenor and Bari for sale. Need help.

I need to help my father sell his Mk IVs and need to know realistic prices. I play, but I have my own horns. I'm trying to fi…

11 years ago
by Timgordon (2 posts)

Weak chops for an old Sax

I have tried to play my 1924 Buescher true tone Saprano Sax and have come to the realization that it may be too difficult…

11 years ago
by [email protected]

Born-again saxophonist

Hi, all,

I'm Bill, a returning sax-player who quit after high school but has missed it ever since. In college, I w…

11 years ago
by runandwrite (7 posts)



I put mu sursor over <FORUM> and clicked Policies under atat expectingto see a list of rules, but abs…

11 years ago
by runandwrite (7 posts)

Stolen Twin Yamaha Custom EXs

I'm Anthony Dean in San Diego, CA.  I was at a gig in Oakland when someone smashed my window, pulled the trunk r…

11 years ago
by addean79

Buying a Sax in the Far-East

I'm planing a trip to India, Singapore and China and thinking about buying a new Tenor there. Saxopnes in Israel…

11 years ago
by oneg

Looking at used Bari's, whats the dif with the old and new??

Hey all, thanks for taking me in. Looking at used bari's to buy, why do some of the old ones look so much different than t…

12 years ago
by Saxquest (420 posts)


Hello everyone, my name is Tim.

I have never played saxophone. I've always wanted to though, and I realized, wh…

12 years ago
by GFC (842 posts)


Hello everyone. My name is Skip and I'm glad to be a part of this site. I've been playing the alto sax off and on for seve…

12 years ago
by JonHuff (120 posts)





12 years ago
by tutorjb1

wanna learn xylophone

anyone can help

12 years ago
by Meagan135

Hello Friends

Hello Friends.  just got here. My name is Jeff Bales. I started playing sax when I was 8 or 9 in 1960 and inherited a…

12 years ago
by tutorjb1 (10 posts)

sore lip

I have been playing alto sax for five years.  Always found my lower lip tender, but lately it is much worse and I can…

12 years ago
by JonHuff (120 posts)



12 years ago
by joeraia
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