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Tenor or alto

I have played alto for a few years, will I get a more jazzier sound from a Tenor

13 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)


Need help to evaluate old sax buescher alto -#144859

13 years ago
by Teresa DiNapoli (1 post)

Getting back into playing the sax

I have been away from playing the sax for about 20 years and have picked up the instrument again. Any thoughts on how to appr…

13 years ago
by Ivan M (4 posts)

I am new around here.

Hello I am new on this forum. I played saxophone from the 7th grade to 12th grade. I am now 42 and was thinking of getting ba…

13 years ago
by Ivan M (4 posts)

Value for appraisal of inherited sax

I can hear the love of music in these posts. A website providing a great service for the rest of us. I'm eager to learn how t…

13 years ago
by noblet77 (4 posts)

Otto Link tenor mouthpiece

Looking for the difference between the sizes of the mouthpieces. ie 7 or 7*. Are the * mouthpieces harder to play

13 years ago
by Jim2004 (1 post)

Elkhart Saxophone

I have an old vintage Elkahart alto sax. The bell of the sax has a big Elk. Under the Elk in a heart it says THE ELKHART Band…

13 years ago
by TBone55 (5 posts)

King Saxello

I was given a Saxello soprano sax and wish to know something about it. It has stamped on it; pat. pending 77348, and on the b…

13 years ago
by Railfan (1 post)

Grand alto sax

I picked up an alto sax at an antique shop that was in very good shape including the pads. The sax was a Grand with the follo…

13 years ago
by chemist1979 (7 posts)

upper register

I have toyed with saxophones since High School....I'm 45....I recently acquired a soprano sax.....I cannot get beyond "D" in…

13 years ago
by rbeaudry (7 posts)

new sound

looking for that GREAT Jazz sound........Can I find it in a mouthpiece? Currently I have a Meyer(5) custom rubber mouthpiece.…

13 years ago
by Saxquest (420 posts)

Conn Tenor

Many years ago....(1977) I bought a CONN Tenor Sax...I still have it, and had it overhauled(pads and springs in 1993). I was…

13 years ago
by Hergy (3 posts)


Hello everybody! I thought I was new here, but when I went to sign up, apparently I already had a username associated with my…

13 years ago
by Plan (1 post)


beginning sax

13 years ago
by artamus (2 posts)

Sax effects and pedals

Hello all, I'm new to the forum - hi! I play in a band and I'm looking into effects pedals for delay, reverb etc. I'm new to…

13 years ago
by cgrantmaledy (2 posts)


hi everyone great site looking for some help with trying to find tenor sax backing tracks [ halo beyounce ] [ lily was here]…

13 years ago
by saxcat69 (6 posts)

Selmer vs Yamaha and Serial #s

Trying to get info on buying alto sax for 5th grade son. For student sax, is Selmer Bundy II & Yamaha YAS23 comparable or is…

13 years ago
by joe sax (1 post)

New here

Hi everyone, I just registered here.

13 years ago
by Jenbrand (1 post)

Scratches inside the Sax, please some advice!

here is the story: I bought a new Tenor Sax from Antigua (TS 4240AQ) about 3 weeks ago. The sax didn't include a care kit so…

13 years ago
by ramonmx (1 post)

Serial number and mfg. of Tenor Sax

The Tenor : HENRI with Lavelle(Like a signature underneath) Has a serial number A2776...Does anyone know who the Mfg. is....I…

13 years ago
by cvillecoker (3 posts)

this forum

What a nice forum! I've been a saxophone player since 1952, primariry Tenor, but also play alto, and baritone. Can't stand th…

13 years ago
by Saxquest (420 posts)

Selmer Bundy manufacture year

Hi everybody, i'm new here, i got a question about the selmer bundy manufacturing date, between what years did the bundy was…

13 years ago
by dajich (1 post)

Elkhart Sax

I was given an Elkhart Alto sax recently. The sax is in need of a couple hundred dollars of repair to make it usable. Questio…

13 years ago
by ernielampro (1 post)


Can someone please answer a question for me, what does the prefix M mean on the serial number of a Conn alto sax? I own a alt…

13 years ago
by richeric (2 posts)

Conn 20M Saxaphone

I found this saxaphone it is a Conn 20M and the serial number is N231039. Is there anyone that can tell me about this model.…

13 years ago
by Tootall Tammy (3 posts)
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