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Hello, I`m new here, from Croatia. :D

13 years ago
by Lord (4 posts)

Buescher Alto Sax

I have just been given a Buescher alto sn242502 True tone Low pitch manufactured date 1928-1929 I won't be keeping it I play…

13 years ago
by ibjr (1 post)

Buescher Elkhart

I have a Buescher Elkhart sopranosax, silverplated, with serialnumber 23145, Low Pitch. Is this a copy or a original Buescher…

13 years ago
by rolerike (1 post)


Hey All, Never been a part of a forum but i have been to this site a number of times and found it quie useful. So i wanted to…

13 years ago
by r1zbear (1 post)

mouthpiece insanity meyer 5

Why must you be loaded to deserve a decent mouthpiece? I just dropped a nice meyer 5 small chamber and broke the tip. I've be…

13 years ago
by chris ryland (1 post)


What does it mean when reeds are labeled filed or unfiled?

13 years ago
by easysailor (1 post)



13 years ago
by linkplayer (8 posts)

Conn Alto Saxophone

Hi: I am a new saxophone player. I have an old Conn New Wonder Series II Alto Saxophone. It is in good condition and playable…

13 years ago
by Gary51 (17 posts)

any value to these

Hi folks! First-time poster here... I have -a metal lig with "harrison" and "T O" on one side and patent # 3,890.873 on the o…

13 years ago
by edgarhines (1 post)

New on the block

Hi, I've been playing melody sax as a non-reading musician for 40 years and now wish to embark in the field of improvisation.…

13 years ago
by Tom Ralph (1 post)


I just signed up, but I've been lurking for some time now. I've "made sounds" with a saxophone for 37 years now. Started on a…

13 years ago
by Osprey (1 post)

Baritone Sax

I am a parent of a high school freshman and I want to purchase a professional baritone. I was looking at the Yamaha YBS62. Ca…

13 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Student Saxophones

I now own a YTS-23 tenor saxophone and have been playing it for about 5 years. Throughout the time, I have never been able to…

13 years ago
by grodk56 (3 posts)

Grampas Saxophone/s

I am 46 years old, and my mom gave me two saxophones that belonged to my grandfather. I would appreciate any information on t…

13 years ago
by ChrisBecker (1 post)

Evette Schaeffer Tenor Sax

Can anyone tell me anything about my Evette Schaeffer Tenor Sax. The serial # is 9356 which this website dated to the 1890s.…

13 years ago
by mellodeer (2 posts)

Frank Holsten Ekborn Alto Sax

Hi everyone, I'm new here and would appreciate some help. I recently acquired a Frank Holsten Ekborn Alto Sax. Serial No. 403…

13 years ago
by BillReborn (1 post)

I'm a Newbie!

Hey Everyone, I'm Jo Louis. I'm looking forward to purchasing my very own Alto. I'm in my early 30's, played in high school a…

13 years ago
by Jo Louis (2 posts)

The worst sentence a saxophonist can type:

I used to own a Selmer Mark VI. Tenor, serial # 99XXX. Played it for a long time, at school in SE Texas, then at U. North Tex…

13 years ago
by jdpate (3 posts)

1948 balanced action 35000 series

can any one tell me what the value of this sax would be now have not played for 9 nine years or so and wondering wether to se…

13 years ago
by stuart bushby (1 post)

Selmer Soprano Series III or Yamaha YSS-475II

Hi everyone.. I guess you could say I am a newbie.. in fact I have never played a sax... but it's my 50th coming up.. and I h…

13 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

Benz saxophone reeds

Has anyone tried the new tenor Benz reeds? They are pricey and come in two varieties. I wonder if anyone has any experience w…

13 years ago
by frank deruytter (1 post)

Elkhart on a Mark VI?

I restarted playing my sax and recently saw on my MarkVI tenor 130100 that 7 cm under the rim, above B-flat, just below the S…

13 years ago
by swiss horn (4 posts)

What's a Conn Saxophone worth?

I have a C. G. Conn, Ltd. Made in USA, saxophone. 10M Pat. App. For, B, 319623, L. Naked Lady. From what I could find online,…

13 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Curved Soprano sax wanted

Am looking to purchase good used curved soprano sax--I am in the NYC/ northeast NJ area.

13 years ago
by esquire (1 post)

new to discussion

Hello; Im new to this discussion forum. my name is jazz32 just thought i would introduce my self 40 something 2 year alto sax…

14 years ago
by Gary51 (17 posts)
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