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new to forum!!

hello all, im peter amd im into sax or well trying to regain an old passion , i remember back in the highschool days, well ye…

16 years ago
by drpete (4 posts)

I'm a New Member with a problem

Greetings I registered today and can anyone advise me on an intonation problem with my Couf Tenor? Its a Superba I and when I…

16 years ago
by mistad03 (3 posts)

New Member.

Hello, My name is Joe Boucher. I started playing the alto sax at the age of ten. I'm now fifty years old and still play sax.…

16 years ago
by ASAX (1 post)

new to saxquest

hi i,m taking up the sax again after many absent years and was browsing like you do and came across this site.i,m 33(just)i,m…

16 years ago
by bridgetjones (2 posts)

Hello from the Great White North

Hi everyone! I found this website and saw some great responses, so hopefully I'll get able to get some questions answered. I…

16 years ago
by SaxMan (559 posts)

Hello, I´m Harry from Germany

Hi all , i´m Harry from Germany, and i jst say Hello to all of you. I´m 40 Years old, since 2 weeks:-((( but i feel grate,…

16 years ago
by OLDSAX (7 posts)

CammyTheCat Here

Hi cats! I just popped over from the Sax on the web forum. Am looking forward to reading posts here, and maybe leaving a few…

16 years ago
by OLDSAX (7 posts)
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