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Rimarco- Salerno

I own an alto sax "Rimarco-salerno [vintage ?]. I think its italian Does anybody knows anything about it? Please help. Thanks…

19 years ago
by trucha (2 posts)

member names doubles

It would appear that there are 2 members with the name "Saxon" posting. I have just recieved notification for a post I didn't…

19 years ago
by Saxon (100 posts)

Ska show - Toronto

Hey! My friends' band is playing a show on July 23rd at the Kathedral. They have a GREAT horn section. You should come! Gene…

19 years ago
by Spezzie (5 posts)

Come check out my forum

This is an awesome forum, but I'm inviting you to check out mine. It's (no www.) . Come check…

19 years ago
by CMelodyMan77 (26 posts)

History of Sax Players

Does anyone know of any good books or sites that give good info on past or present sax players?

19 years ago
by butthead777 (4 posts)

New Saxophone web site

My son Chris Kelsey has a new web site. Please check it out.

19 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

The World's First Saxophone Wiki

The world's first saxophone-only wiki is online at

19 years ago
by altospro72 (1 post)

MK VI for sale (possibly)

I have this Bari, 1955 low-A MK VI (sn 59xxx). Its a great playing horn, although intonation is a tad iffy at spots and few n…

19 years ago
by mega band geek (60 posts)

The purpose of Saxquest

As a Saxquest member, I would like to welcome all new-commers to the site. This site has so much to offer, and I hope that yo…

19 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)


Hey guys, I'm new to this thing and I was wondering where good music is for BB&Swing. Not anything super difficult that pro's…

19 years ago
by swingmastr (2 posts)

contacts for roadgig

I'm looking for work with section or solo for road gigs. Play tenor/soprano/flute. I read and have a valid passport. Ready to…

19 years ago
by craigt (2 posts)


check them out at this website... this is a personal product and idea i've been trying to put out on th…

19 years ago
by saabtech (20 posts)

American University Saxophone Symposium This Saturday, March 26!

American University will be hosting a Saxophone Symposium at AU's Greenberg Theatre on Saturday, March 26. The all-day event…

19 years ago
by nhgetz (8 posts)

Free Music and Information for Download

Hello. My name is Brian Kane, I'm a fellow saxophonist and teacher and I would like to invite you check out no replies by Jazzpath (19 posts) 19 years ago

19 years ago
by Jazzpath (19 posts)

Looking for a recording

Hi. Does anyone know of a recording of Hector Villa-Lobos' Fantasia (for tenor or soprano and chamber orchestra)? THANKS!

19 years ago
by LaurieK1979 (4 posts)

Straight Baritone Saxophone for sale/in production

I was recently at the NAMM show in Anaheim and, after a bit of persuasion the LA Sax company is considering the idea of build…

19 years ago
by Bass sax man (31 posts)

2005 NASA Region 3 Conference

The North American Saxophone Alliance is pleased to announce the 2005 NASA Region 3 Conference to be held on the campus of Dr…

19 years ago
by jromain (20 posts)


1.5yr.old DC Pro II Tenor Sax, no damage at all, 100% laquer-black nickel with gold keys, plays beautifully especially for ja…

20 years ago
by Msty (7 posts)

Free Tenor and Soprano Sax MP3s

I have posted some sample tenor and soprano jazz mp3s on our bands website. They are free. Feel free to listen, download and…

20 years ago
by joetighe (2 posts)
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