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Conn Tenor Sax and Alto Sax value

Hi!  I just spent an hour looking around this site and I believe we have:

1946 10M Naked Lady Tenor Sax 31…

3 minutes ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (631 posts)

Circular Breathing

Ok, i've heard about circular breathing from other players and such, and i know its very hard, but i really wanna learn since…

2 months ago
by mainbatau (0 posts)

Rex Saxophone


Bought this Rex Sax today.   Any information greatly appreciated. 


2 months ago
by corpblues

New to the music world

Hey You !

I'm a beginner, starting out w…

3 months ago
by puananiila99 (0 posts)

What saxophone should i buy as a beginner?

Good morning,
Saxophone is a musical instrument that is probably not unfamiliar to many people. And for me, it's a bi…

3 months ago
by Skylight2512 (1 post)

Aristocrat Serial 831557. When made?

Just got this Buescher Aristocrat 200 serial no.  831557.

Thought I'd like to learn a little about it. …

4 months ago
by GFC (842 posts)

Buffet cranpon evette

Hi my name is Yves

I inherited a sax alto evette buffet crampon can someone help me about it where it was made and…

4 months ago
by GFC (842 posts)

Reasons to hate Selmer!

Many of you are loyal fans of Selmer I'm sure, and you probably have no idea why some people like me just love to HATE the ho…

6 months ago
by enginsur (0 posts)

Yamaha YAS 26 Alto Sax

Hello All!

I am new to the sax and this Forum, been playing guitar for a while and decided to scratch a very ol…

7 months ago
by air_cav_pilot (2 posts)

New Alto saxophone has crooked bell

Just bought new alto horn, bell sweeps to the right ( horn strapped on ) seems to play alright. All my other altos bell al…

7 months ago
by RobertD (70 posts)

What do you think? Real or Rip Off?

Selmar AS500  05507 AK113…

7 months ago
by sonobor

Borg alto saxophone

Hi there, this is for an adult who will be a new player but plays other instruments. We have a Borg alto sax that needs $2…

7 months ago
by kw

Palm Key Range Is Half a Step Flat on Soprano

I have a soprano sax solo in my high school band's marching show (I have to play a chromatic 16th note run from high C# to…

8 months ago
by fudidudi (1 post)

John Coltrane’s Unearthed Live ‘A Love Supreme’

In case you haven't heard.

Excerpt from an August 27, 2021 NY Times article:

"When John Coltrane recorded…

9 months ago
by RobertD

Alto Saxophone Buffet Crampon Evette,

Hi I have this Alto Saxophone Buffet Crampon Evette, anyone can help me with the age off this saxophone and value thank you&n…

9 months ago
by Takis3175 (3 posts)

Silverstein Works presents: the Ambipoly Saxophone Festival

Join us in celebration of AMBIPOLY and the saxophone! The AMBIPOLY Saxophone Festival is our way of saying “thank yo…

11 months ago
by SilversteinWorks

Info on older sax


I picked up this older York Saxophone a few years ago considering getting it fixed up for one of my ki…

11 months ago
by Xamedu

Online tool to help learn and practice fingerings and scales

I'd love to get your thoughts on the app I've developed. It's free and already used by students around the world. It's des…

11 months ago
by Googalar (4 posts)

Thomann experiences?

Hi. I'm pretty new to sax playing and have played a while on a school saxophone from buescher. 
I have plans on…

12 months ago
by aerovid (0 posts)

King Tenor Super21

Hi Everyone - Thank you for accepting me to the group :) 

Im hoping someone could help me 

12 months ago
by GFC (842 posts)

What are the titles 2 melodies

What are the titles of melodies from: 2:00 – to the end?


1 year ago
by MurrayLily (1 post)

First Tenor (Intermediate) What do I look for?!

I've been playing jazz alto for about 4 years now and really want to get a tenor. I've only been renting a really shoddy a…

1 year ago
by GFC (842 posts)

Clarence Clemon's' sax's

Does any one know exactly which saxes he owned and played? I heard he was a big Keilwerth fan for a good part of his caree…

1 year ago
by GFC (842 posts)

Boosey and Hawkes Award

Can anyone tell me about alto saxophones that have 'Boosey & Hawkes Award' engraved on the bell?  who actually ma…

1 year ago
by Whiskeygirl (2 posts)

Get to know the history of the Selmer bundy

Olá, sou Eliezer e tenho um saxofone alto Selmer bundy I.

Por favor, você pode me ajudar a conhecer s…

1 year ago
by GFC (842 posts)
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