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Who knows of Oleg's Music in CA?

Does anyone know about Oleg from Oleg's Music in Studio City CA? I understand he's the cat that came up with the "olegature."…

14 years ago
by jushden (17 posts)


What would you rather have:a selmer referance 54 tenor or an old silver plated conn 10m in mint condition?

14 years ago
by Spike (248 posts)

trouble w/alitisomo g on slmr mk 7

I just got a new selmer mark 7 tenor almost a month ago and was playing on a bundy/selmer special. on the special I could hit…

14 years ago
by golferguy675 (600 posts)

Lip numbness

Daughter is a music major at McGill U in Montreal. Occasionally gets numb lower lip after playing hard. Goes away after 30 mi…

14 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)

What to listen too?

Ive recently become much more interested in the newer types of music that feature the sax, ive been listening to groups such…

14 years ago
by Infidel (1 post)

In search of sax teacher

I'm an advanced classical saxophonist going to college a long way from home. Since I live at home during the summer, I'm look…

14 years ago
by JS (3 posts)

Copper-plated (pink) Keilwerth SX90r tenor

My son badly wants a black tenor Keilwerth SX90r. However, we have a chance to buy a used 1998 copper-plated one for a much c…

14 years ago
by SaxMan (559 posts)

Favorite Big Band Saxist

Who is your favorite saxophone player from the 30s and 40s in the big band era? Why?

14 years ago
by Skoolboi (9 posts)

yamaha YTS52

how are they as far as an intermediate horn can you still hit all the notes clear thanks

14 years ago
by Skoolboi (9 posts)


I have a buescher straight truetone for sale 157,xxx serial #'s . i was just wondering what it was worth? It is an elkhart in…

14 years ago
by Skoolboi (9 posts)
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