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Selmer Mark VI for sale 1700$

I have recently found a slemer mark VI alto sax for $1700. Great price right! Well only problem is it is in Russia, i've n…

6 years ago
by Saxquest (410 posts)

How to become a intermediate-professional saxophonist

Hi, I'm currenlty in highschool, and I've been playing baritone sax & alto sax 
for around 3 to 4 years.

6 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

I&j brand horn

Hi all. I'm new to the scene and was wondering if anyone has info on the I&J branded sax. 

6 years ago
by gary2745

C Melody

Why would anyone play a C Melody sax, apart from the obvious, ie non-transposing. Is there some other qualities that playe…

6 years ago
by cycles (42 posts)

CONN Baritone Sax help!

Hi, I'm just beginning to learn Baritone Saxophone. My grandpa gave me this Conn 12m. He bought it from Ebay this New Year…

6 years ago
by 3arcdave (5 posts)

Conn Alto Sax


I have an early 1960's Conn Saxophone with the star burst pattern.  It is gold and silver co…

6 years ago
by birdlover (43 posts)

Great players

Any thought of adding bio's of some of the great performers, the horns they played, and the era and style they played in t…

6 years ago
by saxman76

Mark VI Tenor values

Help!  I'm getting conflicting opinions on how much my saxophone is worth, and websites are ranging from $5K to >…

6 years ago
by saxman76 (6 posts)

elkhart sax

i have a elkhart saxaphone  that says the elkhart band-inst-co it has a number on it that says 56688 with a lp under…

6 years ago
by Saxquest (410 posts)

Is this Brand any good?

I was looking on and the site has "DC Pro Saxophones". Is this a credible site and are these saxophones any…

6 years ago
by jazzsax357 (2 posts)

Hey folks,new n need help

Let me first introduce myself before i start asking.


Im 17 years old,i live in Serbia and im playin…

6 years ago
by MadHouseS

Going on tour

Hey Hey everone I am planning a tour either of Japan or Europe (based solely on avaiability of work). I would very much li…

6 years ago
by bwalberg

Tenor Sax squeak

Why is it that my tenor sax squeaks sometimes and when it does, it's hard to blow into? I've played the tenor for 5 months…

6 years ago
by Lificious (2 posts)

Suggestions, please.

My daughter plays alto sax in marching/concert band, jazz band and is a member of a jazz band outside of school. We are lo…

6 years ago
by GFC (727 posts)

Saxophone interest and value

My Father passed away and we are trying to find out about my Grandfathers saxophone. He must have bought from Charles Park…

6 years ago
by atomicclock (2 posts)

Metal Mouthpiece

My son (12) just bought a Yanagisawa #7 (circa 1980s) for his tenor and it sounds great but the plating has come off. Is t…

6 years ago
by GFC (727 posts)

CONN Baritone Sax help!

Hi, I'm just beginning to learn Baritone Saxophone. My grandpa gave me this Conn 12m. He bought it from Ebay this New Year…

6 years ago
by 3arcdave

Conservarte Etude Alto Saxophone

I have this vintage sax that was made in france. I need to know if anyone can share any knowledge about this alto. Thank you.

6 years ago
by saxmanpete (1 post)

don't know what sax mouthpiece would be right for me...

 I've been playing a tenor yamaha for a short while,  I use No# 2 reeds and at present Im playing with the mouth…

6 years ago
by spencera (5 posts)

What to Practice?

I'm in 9th grade and pretty advanced for my age; however, I would still like to get better. I know I need to know…

6 years ago
by Superian98 (2 posts)


I have been playing the alto saxophone for almost 10 years and I have just found out that I play out of tune. If I move re…

6 years ago
by peter090 (155 posts)

Hidden Gem

Hello great saxophone players! I'd like to introduce and recommend Hidden Gems for you.

6 years ago
by duomusic

82Z, 66R or 86

I’m in the market of purchasing a tenor sax.  I’m looki…

6 years ago
by BariX

My Berklee Audition Piece

Hi! Yeah, I know, Im talking about Berklee, but having gone to a small school and being one of 15 people in my band and ne…

6 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

New Saxophone suggestion

Currently I am playing on a Jupiter intermediate model saxophone, using a selmer goldentone mouthpiece, I would like a sax…

6 years ago
by Krebz (2 posts)
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