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Are "Pad Mites" a myth?

So my pads on my alto are looking a little rough and I was told it was little creatures called "pad mites". It has been in…

6 years ago
by JonHuff (68 posts)


I am a new student to the saxophone (but an old guy).  In trying the tongue technique I find that I am making a sound…

6 years ago
by luckyford (5 posts)

Getting Better?

Okay, so I've been playing saxaphone for almost 2 1/2 years and started taking lessons from the band director 2 years ago.…

6 years ago
by PrettySax#2 (2 posts)

It has been almost a decade, but I'd like to play again.

Hi everyone

I played Alto Sax for about 10 years, during school and a bit afterwards.  I alwyas thought I…

6 years ago
by GFC (675 posts)

Yamaha YAS 62 versus YAS 82Z

I presently own YAS-32E and very soon I am going to buy a new professional horn.
I tried YAS-62 and YAS-82. Both sou…

6 years ago
by GFC (675 posts)

cuban dance music sheet

Hello every one

i want to play cuban dance with my friend but he have the music sheet only for the guitar so it…

6 years ago
by CrazySaxophone

tenor sax

Anyone know info on selmer tenor sax ltd selmer artis?

thanks where made selmer usa

6 years ago
by GFC (675 posts)

Will someone please review this Vito sax ad?


I am trying to find a previously played alto sax for my son to use in marching band. I don't know much abou…

6 years ago
by GFC (675 posts)

Buescher Saxophones

Has anyone ever played on a Buescher before? If so how does it compare to the big names like Yamaha, Selmer, P. Mauriat, e…

6 years ago
by Saxquest (407 posts)

MUST SEE for the saxophone equipment junkies out there!!

Created by saxophonist Umcolisi Terrell. The picture pretty much says it all. Its the perfect comic for your equipment jun…

6 years ago
by GFC (675 posts)

Harvey Pittel Presents the Teachings of the Master, Joe Allard

I am extremely proud to present this 14 part video series. Internationally acclaimed classical saxophonist, Harvey Pittel…

6 years ago
by RTorres (2 posts)

videos playing in Video Section on

Hi Guys-

     I just went to the video section of and saw a Dexter Gordon video…

6 years ago
by Saxquest (407 posts)

J Erich Sax

Does anyone have any info on this brands sound make and reliabilty?

6 years ago

Conn "Chu-berry" Soprano

Hello All,

I recently found a Conn "Chu-berry" Soprano in a friends basement, complete with an early Babbitt mouth…

6 years ago
by Corey Boldon (3 posts)

Definitive difference between the YAS-21/23/25

I have acquired an old student Yamaha alto, and the model name/number has been rubbed off.bottom left side. Is the…

6 years ago
by saxgourmet (128 posts)

alto mouthpiece

hello out there my name is steve from liverpool
i play alto sax a mature student been taking lesson about 9months

6 years ago
by GFC (675 posts)

Help: How can I find out the make of my saxophone


I've searched everywhere to find the make or serial number of a saxophone that was given to me as a present.…

6 years ago
by GFC (675 posts)

alto reeds

sorry its steve here from liverpool i forgot to mention in my last post i got some vandoren zz reeds and found them a lot…

6 years ago
by grey beard

Mysterious Saxophone!!

Inherited a tenor saxophone in great condition. The inscription reads:


Series 2


6 years ago
by GerryW

saxophone sheet music problems finding

The sheet music for sacxophone is becoming a real problem now days and has not been easy to get since the seventies. the m…

6 years ago
by bjjazzy




artist photos and info


6 years ago
by CharlesSax (7 posts)

OLD ~ Wurlitzer American Pat. Dec 8 1914 . S# W4596 -L ?

OLD ~ Wurlitzer American Pat. Dec 8 1914 . S#  W4596 -L ?  CAN ,SOMEONE ? ANYONE ?PLEASE TELL ME ANYTHING AT ALL…

6 years ago
by juliansax (1 post)

Selmer saxophones

May I know which is the better model selmer currently on sale (first hand)

6 years ago
by Bob bop (5 posts)

Cannonball Wizard Alto Sax?

Hello to all,

     I just have a question on the Cannonball Wizard alto sax and If anyone h…

6 years ago
by daffodil1003 (1 post)

Julius Keilwerth Digital Catalog

The new Julius Keilwerth Digital Catalog is published at this link:

no replies by Julius Keilwerth (8 posts) 6 years ago

6 years ago
by Julius Keilwerth
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