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New Saxophone Player

Hello members,My name is alex. I am 16 and play the drums but really want to learn to play the saxophone. I…

6 years ago
by bboyinmartin (4 posts)

I just bought a Schill/Helmke Tenor Sax

Who said Sax made in china is bad? I have a Yamaha YAS23 alto sax, and I wanted a Tenor sax. So I was looking at YTS23, YTS47…

6 years ago
by Charles652011 (2 posts)

Sheet music needed!

I have been looking for sheet music for two pieces: Shu Gath Manna by Steven Galante and Cyber Bird Concerto by Yoshimatsu. A…

6 years ago
by lilmoose17 (2 posts)

Problem played the tenor for a while but not very regularly but recently playing in a small worship band after a couple of it…

6 years ago
by GFC (727 posts)

To Repair My Tenor or Not?

I have a Bundy II tenor saxophone that I played from 1978 until 1985.  I haven't touched it in 20 years but have deci…

6 years ago
by GFC (727 posts)

Jody Jazz DV 7 Alto Mouthpiece

I just recently bought and am playing on a Jody Jazz DV7 Alto mouthpiece on my Mark Vl Selmer. It is amazing......:-)…

6 years ago
by kelsey

Cost of Repair for Tenor?

From 6th grade until I graduated in 1985 I played tenor saxophone for my school.  Most of my best memories from high…

6 years ago
by TripleB


Im kinda curious, do yall think a sax in jazz sounds better than a sax in band or vice verca?

6 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

What recording equipment

I have watched a few Youtube videos and have noticed that recording equipment is used. Do you guys know what and which equ…

6 years ago
by bedde (4 posts)

Is there an obvious issue I am missing?

I am a new student with a Jupiter student model tenor sax.  Over the past little while I have encountered an increasi…

6 years ago
by JonHuff (72 posts)

Conn Saxophones

I have two Conn saxophones: A Conn 16M Tenor sax Serial numnber 953### with Conn USA Shooting Star logo and a Conn Alto Sa…

6 years ago
by alishalouise (1 post)

2013 National Collegiate Solo Competition

The United States Army Band “Pershing…

6 years ago
by mitniftus

Where to find saxophone info

Hi all,


I recently purchased my first saxophone; it is a used one.

The saxophone has been s…

6 years ago
by GFC (727 posts)

How delicate the saxophone really is?

hi everybody,

I am contemplating buying a saxophone for quite some time. The price is the only reason of my hestit…

6 years ago
by saxjohnny (2 posts)

Indian Music

Hello friends,

I wanted to share this short fragement with you -…

6 years ago
by Oded Tzur (2 posts)

Buy a Tenor Sax

Hi all:

6 replies by Headhunter (4 posts) 6 years ago

6 years ago
by Headhunter (4 posts)

Selmer "NEW YORK" Alto

Can anyone give me an idea  of  what year this alto was made?  One set of numbers are " 9954" under th…

6 years ago
by henschel (5 posts)

C.G. Conn factory as it was in 1937 - RARE film footage

I recently unearthed a very interesting old 16mm film reel that has footage of the C.G. Conn factory in 1937. To my knowle…

6 years ago
by Saxquest

Selmer New York alto P10577


6 years ago
by henschel (5 posts)

Buying a used saxophone

Hi I found an ad for this horn and I have been having issues finding out the model and brand of horn. Any imput would be h…

6 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

sheet music played on you tube

Is there someone who will play a piece of sheet music for me on alto saxophone so that I can hear how it sounds?

6 years ago
by vonbraig (4 posts)

keilwerth SX 90R & Conn 10M

I play a Keilwerth sx 90R tenor the 9 years I've been playing. I would like to buy a vintage horn to switch up or as a bac…

6 years ago
by luckyford (5 posts)

How much is my sax worth?

Hi everyone,

I am forced to have to sell my Alto Sax and would like to know how much I should be asking. Lookin…

6 years ago
by Jamesmazur

Bundy BTS 300- Rental or Ruin?

Hi all-
Please help if you can.
I played in hegh school, and i am now 49 years old. I have thought about pickin…

6 years ago
by GFC (727 posts)

esay origami sax

I just want to share this origami that i invented 
no replies by pelonso (1 post) 6 years ago

6 years ago
by pelonso
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