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Buying a used saxophone

Hi I found an ad for this horn and I have been having issues finding out the model and brand of horn. Any imput would be h…

6 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

sheet music played on you tube

Is there someone who will play a piece of sheet music for me on alto saxophone so that I can hear how it sounds?

6 years ago
by vonbraig (4 posts)

keilwerth SX 90R & Conn 10M

I play a Keilwerth sx 90R tenor the 9 years I've been playing. I would like to buy a vintage horn to switch up or as a bac…

6 years ago
by luckyford (5 posts)

How much is my sax worth?

Hi everyone,

I am forced to have to sell my Alto Sax and would like to know how much I should be asking. Lookin…

6 years ago
by Jamesmazur

Bundy BTS 300- Rental or Ruin?

Hi all-
Please help if you can.
I played in hegh school, and i am now 49 years old. I have thought about pickin…

6 years ago
by GFC (716 posts)

esay origami sax

I just want to share this origami that i invented 
no replies by pelonso (1 post) 6 years ago

6 years ago
by pelonso

Crusader sax - with Series number 8215

hi, i am a new user here, currently i found an Alto Sax - Crusader sax with serius number 8215.
the seller informed me t…

6 years ago
by GFC (716 posts)

Buying Sax in Hong Kong

Hi Guys,

I live in Thailand and am planning a trip to Hong Kong.
Since I will upgrade my current YTS100 to…

6 years ago
by machamar

Best Brand for 11 year Old Beginner ??

Hi, everyone!

As many of you might know, music in the elementary school level is basically non-existent.  …

6 years ago
by tutorjb1 (10 posts)

How Much My Sax Is Worth..

sorry if im not posting this right or in the right spot. im brand new to this site so bare with me. ok...i have a Selmer Al…

6 years ago
by GFC (716 posts)

What's a good saxophone for me?

Hey guys!
I've been playing alto saxophone for three years at my school and will probably try to get grade 5 and 6 AM…

6 years ago
by GFC (716 posts)

identifying a Conn sax

I am interested in purchasing a Conn 20M N244067 Student Model alto sax off of Ebay for a beginning student of mine. …

6 years ago
by GFC (716 posts)

Hahn Synthetic Reeds, (New), F.S.

Hi Saxquest Community, If Anyone Is Interested In Purchasing Hahn Synthetic Tenor & Baritone Saxophone Reeds From Me I…

6 years ago
by johnnorthup (2 posts)

New Dave Liebman model Sopranos - COMING SOON!!

Final testing has been completed of the NEW Dave Liebman model soprano saxophones by Keilwerth -  no replies by Julius Keilwerth (8 posts) 6 years ago

6 years ago
by Julius Keilwerth

Mouthpiece BRAWLER alto sax

Hello, I'm interested in BRAWLER triple sonority Alto Sax. Someone knows the mouthpiece? The mouthpiece was make in USA abou…

6 years ago
by Saxquest (409 posts)


Where is Db an what is the relative # is it like g# an Ab?   Thanks

6 years ago
by acidic303 (4 posts)

Forestone reeds Japan

Hello To all members.

Has anyone here tried out the new forestone reeds from japan? I believe that they are gre…

6 years ago
by ninewinds (1 post)


ok so in my school days I played a g on my alto sax and that was a concert b flat. I keep forgetting why we call the alto…

6 years ago
by Saxquest (409 posts)

Posted a song -- how to modulate loudness?

I've uploaded my first sax song.
Take a listen to it in  my profile.

It sounds very beginnerish -- bu…

6 years ago
by GFC (716 posts)

16m conn saxophone

is a 16 m conn a good sax

6 years ago
by GFC (716 posts)

Got back into playing: struggling with low notes

I recently picked up my alto again (Selmer Super Action 80 Series II), not having played for over a year. While I'm surpri…

6 years ago
by ftv (2 posts)

Need Info about this Borgani Sax please

Hi there!! Can someone out there please tell me about this sax I have? It was given to me from family and not a lot is kno…

6 years ago
by soundofbrass

The strangest newbie question...

Well, maybe this question is common, but I searched and searched the web for an answer...

I am totally new to t…

6 years ago
by artificial1grass (1 post)

Problems with High G

I have a problem with my high G sometimes coming out as a horrible sounding flat palm key D. This happens alot when I slur fr…

6 years ago
by ludovico5678 (1 post)

Help me pick a sax

Knowing that I know nothing about saxophones, when I decided to try to learn it, I rented an instrument instead of buying…

6 years ago
by GFC (716 posts)
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