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My 12 yr old son


Ok I need some advice, My 12 year old son wants a sax for Christmas. However I…

5 months ago
by GFC (445 posts)

Tenor or Alto

I bought an alto a bit ago and thinking of trading it for a tenor.  The shop said they would give me full credit for…

5 months ago
by PhillipS. (8 posts)

c melody mouthpiece

I am an above average musician and plan on getting back with a small group.  I play soprano sax and recently purchase…

5 months ago
by SYNCHROJAMES (4 posts)

where to try out before I buy around southwest michigan

I'm in the market for a soprano but want to play before I pay. I seem to be in a dead zone . I'm between chicago & det…

5 months ago
by Saxquest (343 posts)

Vintage Conn Sax For Sale 1914

6 months ago
by Cgcook

Conn Rocket Elkhart??

Has anyone ever heard of the Rocket alto saxophone? Made in Elkhart. Serial number 23518. I saw it on ebay and I cannot find…

6 months ago
by Haanzig (13 posts)

Advice on buying Alto Sax for my wife


So I'm looking to buy my wife an alto saxophone for Christmas.  I rented her one a few months back to…

6 months ago
by SutureSelf

Super Action 80 Difference between series 1 and II

Super Action 80 How can I know the Difference between series 1 and II. Mine was made in 1984.  I'm trying to determin…

6 months ago
by datsgreat

Trying to pick a saxophone

I have played an alto saxophone for the past four highschool years. I am hoping to study saxaphone in college and need rec…

6 months ago
by kelsey (845 posts)

Trying to Identify Type & Date of my Sax

Hy there,

Could anyone help me?

I'm trying to identify my saxophone a bit more, because I inherited…

6 months ago
by jon henri (18 posts)

Rudy Wiedoeft's Selmer sax Case ?

I have what I think may be the only one of it's kind in existence. I know RW played primarily c-mel saxes and Conn was his…

6 months ago
by Danlam (1 post)

Dry mouth during a gig

I usually have my own water bottle or bottled Aquafina, Ice Mountain, etc. brands on a gig. Lately it seems some create an…

7 months ago
by Rhassan (1 post)


I need help speeding up my vibrato.

7 months ago
by getjamming (4 posts)

import duty costs ?

im trying to import a used mkvi bari from danvill il usa to perth western autralia how much should i eect to pay in duties…

7 months ago
by saxgourmet (118 posts)

Which vandoren reeds are best for alto sax?

I'm on grade 5 alto sax and need some new reeds, but am struggling on which ones to buy. I want to get vandoren, but am re…

7 months ago
by kelsey (845 posts)

Phil Barone Alto Saxophone

Has anyone had any hands-on experience with a Phil Barone? I've been wanting to buy a new saxophone for a while and the An…

7 months ago
by dantee_official

I squeak when i play fast

Can anyone tell me why i squeak when i play fast staccatos?

7 months ago
by Saxquest (343 posts)

Evette Schaeffer Paris France Serial 5639

I recently found this Sax in my grandpas basement and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it or how much it may be…

7 months ago
by victorio (1 post)

Value of a semer La Voix alto?

What is the current value of a selmer La Voix alto?  It is in good condition 9.6/10 cosmetic 10/10 mechanical.  …

8 months ago
by garrettcx

help finding this book?

My teacher highly recommends 'Voicing: An Approach to the Saxophone's Third Register' (by Dabney & Sinta), but I haven't foun…

8 months ago
by dcdmail (1 post)

What sax to get

I'm totally new to sax playing although I did play trumpet for a few years.  I'm an older guy so if I never get beyon…

8 months ago
by kelsey (845 posts)

Asking for LTCL Saxophone Programme Suggestion

I am going to take the LTCL saxophone performance examination.
1 replies by mingsum0321 (2 posts) 8 months ago

8 months ago
by mingsum0321 (2 posts)


I am pleased to announce that Julius Keilwerth will soon be releasing a NEW LINE of soprano saxophones inspired by l…

8 months ago
by kelsey (845 posts)

Get Archeage Gold Online to Combat the Rivals of the Game


Archeage, the game play of combatting glues the players to the game setting. Why Archeage gold is so import…

8 months ago
by Fannygracy (2 posts)

Yamaha Tenor Sax YTS-275 Neck Receiver Screw

I need a neck receiver screw for a Yamaha Sax Tenor YTS-275 gold lacquer.
Where can I find this part…

8 months ago
by zenosax
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