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Can't make up my mind.

I have been wanting to learn the saxophone for a while now. From everything I read I cant decied what to get, either an alto…

15 years ago
by Armstrong Alto! (19 posts)

Tenor mouthpiece on C melody?

Hey dudes, I was wonderin, do the C melody saxes have thir own mouthpiece, or can you play it with a regular tenor mouthpiece…

15 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)

subcontrabass saxophone?

i heard about how adolphe sax had plans to build a bourdon saxophone which would be a subcontrabass, but he never made one. h…

15 years ago
by chiamac (586 posts)

Out of breath!

This november i'm auditoning for a district concert band (all the people with the highest scores get into the state ensemble)…

15 years ago
by Armstrong Alto! (19 posts)

other than pearls?

anyone ever put stones or something else besides pearls on a sax? I think it would be neat... any comments?

15 years ago
by chiamac (586 posts)

Which saxophone to choose?

I am from India, and I don't know where to get branded saxophones from... I enquired the biggest music shops in Chennai, and…

15 years ago
by Stanley (2 posts)

Trumpet Forum??

I learned a whole lot off of this forum, and my friend wants to learn a lot more about trumpet. If anyone knows a good trumpe…

15 years ago
by oleg (1 post)

Alto Sax Metal Mouthpiece. What to look for?

Hi All, I'm currently shopping for a metal mouthpiece for my alto sax but am not sure what sort of attributes/features to lo…

15 years ago
by avalanche (1 post)

synthetic reeds??

i kno synthetic reeds suck..but ive been doing my research on some of em just because my vandorens arent holding up very well…

15 years ago
by SaxMan (559 posts)

Trouble with high G and G#

I've been playing about three years, and have just switched tenors from a Woodwinds to a vintage Conn 10M. I love the tone I…

15 years ago
by FredCDobbs (77 posts)

Vito Bass Saxophone

I rented a Vito bass sax from my local community collage. The middle C through low B flat come out nice and clear, but the mi…

15 years ago
by mega band geek (60 posts)

Selmer Super Action 80 II Tenor for sale

Hey everyone, I'm interested in selling my Selmer 54 Tenor. I play bass as well as sax and just find myself doing more bass p…

15 years ago
by heisseskorper (6 posts)

I'm a big loser???

Well, not really. But I come on here pretty often(okay, often) despite the fact that i'm a music student so if i want to talk…

15 years ago
by SelmerParisPassion (59 posts)

Playing by ear

Hi chaps, I was wondering if any of you have found this, but I have a theory on playing by ear. Think about a tune you know w…

15 years ago
by Spike (248 posts)

H.Couf Superba I Soprano Saxophone

Can anyone tell me about a H.Couf Superba I Soprano Saxophone. A friend of mine is selling his. It is stamped: Made in West…

15 years ago
by funkymofo (5 posts)

Conn 16M

In all my years of playing, I've never had the chance to play a conn. However I've recently fallen into one. I don't know wha…

15 years ago
by chiamac (586 posts)

jupiter deluxe series bari really soft

hey, i had a low Bb selmer U.S.A. bari, which played pretty good, then i got a Jupiter 593GL Deluxe Series Bari, and it seems…

15 years ago
by barisaxiguy (50 posts)

Looking for Free Downloadable Sheet Music

Hi, i was wondering if anyone knew where i could find the sheet music for the Alto Sax part of Henry Mancini's Pink Panther M…

15 years ago
by emjack (1 post)


Justify why you think your saxophone is the best in its range. Choose wisley.

15 years ago
by saxophoneplayingistight (13 posts)

Realllly high A

in jazz band this year, the last note of one of the songs is the really high A. not the one that is 1-2 octave key. the one a…

15 years ago
by Hexaclon (90 posts)

Horror Stories

I'm looking for the ugliest and most depressing horror stories about the instrument itself. You found out your sax was stolen…

15 years ago
by YanagisawA-901 (312 posts)

sax teacher in sydney

Okay, so I know some of you guys are in sydney, and I was wondering if you could recommend a teacher (or let me know if you a…

15 years ago
by spida (12 posts)

What is wrong with this web-site!

So now people are allowed to sell general clothing at a saxophone website?! For those of you that visit this site to talk and…

15 years ago
by johnsonfromwisconsin (767 posts)

theory stuff help needed

Ok, I have this piece of music that I need to practice for tomorrow. What are the definitions of Allegro Giocoso? I'm sorry…

15 years ago
by saxgrobie (86 posts)

whats the best new soprano sax under a thousand dollars

anyone know the best under a grand. i know the yamaha intermediate is the best by far but it is almost $2000.00. there must b…

15 years ago
by batbone (9 posts)
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