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sheet music?

searched the site and didn't find any answers.
who's trust worthy on the net to buy sheet music for alto sax? 

4 years ago
by janetwatson (4 posts)

Selmer Mark Vi sax

I have owned many Selmer Mark Vl's during my career as a sax player. I have never lost money on any of them because t…

4 years ago
by kelsey (926 posts)

Selmer vs. Yamaha?

This topic has been mentioned before, but I don't think anyone actually mentioned how the tones of the saxes sound like. S…

4 years ago
by bboyinmartin (4 posts)



Dear Friends



4 years ago

Alto Sax Audition Rep

This coming September I'll be audition for my second year of University Level Music on alto sax. Ive been running through…

4 years ago
by Steve C (5 posts)

What kind of tenor saxophone is this?

I bought this off a guy who knew nothing about the sax. It plays well and has a bright tone. All of it, when looked closel…

4 years ago
by oboeplayer

Selmer Bundy II for $200?

I'm looking for a horn just to start up a new hobby. I played sax in school years ago and really enjoyed it. I don't have…

4 years ago
by Saxquest (404 posts)



I am plannig to buy a tenor sax, and since I have a very loq budget, I am looking on ebay all over Europe.&…

4 years ago
by Asanoth


so has anybody figured out how to play sax quietly ?, hand towel over sax- not working, low strength reed- ehhh not really…

4 years ago
by jon henri (19 posts)

La Sax

I am the owner of a Bundy made by Selmer alto sax I bought off E-Bay a few years ago hoping one of my grandkids would take…

4 years ago
by saxgourmet (128 posts)

New member: saxophone "feedback"

I've played saxophone for four weeks now, and i don't have a teacher. I have practiced different jazz songs and i…

4 years ago
by Saxquest (404 posts)

Beaugnier Soprano

Hi everybody
I recently found an old Beaugnier Soprano from the 40's to sell.
Every seems ok (mecanics, state, .…

4 years ago
by Titris

Is Selmer AS300 an good Intermediate sax?

Hi!  My son wants to take up alto sax.  I was offered a Selmer AS 300 for $500, is that a good price?  Is t…

5 years ago
by star31212 (3 posts)
5 years ago
by donnifresco

mystery conn usa - question for jim?

a friend of mine recently gave me a CONN USA 22M tenor sax to sell for him. heres the question? 1. is this the mexiconn? ther…

5 years ago
by jon henri (19 posts)

Frederick L Hemke Reeds

Any body have any experience with them? Are they in the same league as vandorens and rico royals?

5 years ago
by Godling (1 post)

New Member..Questions about a Selmer Bundy 2 I Found in My Closet

Hey guys, let me start off by saying i have 0 knowledge about saxophones so please bare with me. When i was about 7 years…

5 years ago
by GFC (644 posts)

Buffet Crampon vs Yamaha Tenor Sax


I have intention to buy a tenor sax for local marching band with limited budget (1200€).

I hav…

5 years ago
by Sax Amateur (3 posts)

Unison any good?

I'm looking to buy a tenor and a Unison was recommended to me. Are Unison horns any good?

5 years ago
by AltoAnarchy (2 posts)

Weltklang Tenor & Berg Larsen mouthpiece

Hi Guys,

I have had a Weltklang Tenor for about 11 years now and have finally decided to try and find out some…

5 years ago
by propella

saxophone museum

Hi all,

 I live in Belgium a few minutes drive from the birth place of Antoine (Alphonse) Sax. The town, Dina…

5 years ago
by gallois

Is used studen alto saxophone from ebay better than my new one

Hi Guys I new in this forum and also in saxoophone, due to limited budget I get brand new China alto saxophne last Decembe…

5 years ago
by wongsoon (5 posts)

Martin tenor Sax

I have a martin Tenor Sax on it reads The Martin Imperial Elkhart Indiana usa the serial number I found on it is # 314209…

5 years ago
by RectorMT (2 posts)

What kind of Sax??

I was recently given a sax (I believe tenor) from a friend who inherited it from her grandfather (So I believe it to be an…

5 years ago
by greenfairy

sax for sale

I have a white sax owned by Clarence Clemons that I would like to sell. If anyone could pass on information to help get me…

5 years ago
by zottmom
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