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Ref 54 VS Mark VI

I've heard a lot of good things about the Selmer Reference 54 Horns, especially the alto. It's supposed to be an imitation of…

13 years ago
by mrd (137 posts)

Jaw Soreness

Hello saxquest members I've played sax for about 4, 1/2 years now. I'm a few weeks from turning 15 and when I play saxophone…

13 years ago
by p-apple (49 posts)

new mouthpeice

any one out ther have a suggestion on what the best mouthpeice for a tenor sax would be ,for help in the low register on the…

13 years ago
by jamterry (573 posts)

Question about buying

Recently a offer of $1700 for a used Selmer Super Action 80 (very good condition) was given to me. I assume this is a fair pr…

13 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Which Saxophone?

Hey guys, I'm thinking of buying a saxophone and I'm wondering if anyone knows anything at all about the following saxs: Amat…

13 years ago
by phathorn (165 posts)

Music! Music! Music!

Does anyone have good suggestions on where i can get alot of free sheet music? I know i can get music at Music 123 but i want…

13 years ago
by west (242 posts)

Good sax Not so good sax

Hello guys. I have a B&H 100 Alto. How would you rate it? I know its not the greatest sax but since we do not have access to…

13 years ago
by Aden (3 posts)

Soprano Sax Rental?

I live in an area where there are two shops that carry horns in general. Neither of them carry anything in a soprano. I have…

13 years ago
by Strikrr (4 posts)

Sax sheet music help

Is there a good website to buy sax sheet music of rock songs? Like "Turn the page" by Bob Seger, or "Money" and "Us and them.…

13 years ago
by kneejerk52 (397 posts)

buy my new album

hi i would just like to announce the release of my new album "At Last- The Duets Album". i have some songs with arturo sandov…

13 years ago
by EL Seano (255 posts)


Who is yourfavorite composer and why? Mine is Eric Whitacre...I think the pieces he comes up with are amazing!

13 years ago
by StratmanBaze (61 posts)

Mindi Abair

What do yall think of her?

13 years ago
by mrd (137 posts)



13 years ago
by Mactenor (102 posts)

Where to get play along mp3's of sanborn, dulfer, warren hill etc..

Hi, I'm looking for good quality play along mp3's ( off course without the sax piece) of the music from sanborn/ dulfer/ war…

13 years ago
by funkysaxophone (5 posts)

Martin, Buesher, or CG Conn

Im in the market for another alto sax, ive recently narrowed my choices to the ff: a Martin Handcrafted Alto, a Buescher New…

13 years ago
by Saxquest (407 posts)

Middle D squeaking like crazy

I am a beginner sax player playing a new Kohlert 4688t, which was the best sax I could afford. I have been playing for a few…

13 years ago
by selmer 4evr (309 posts)

"New" used Martin

I picked up a used (vintage) Martin Sax for a beginner and would like some information. The etching says "The Martin" Indian…

13 years ago
by gwynnen (5 posts)

Otto Link "Super" Tone Master

Hey all, its been a while since I've posted. I just got this great mouthpiece and I've been digging it. Best of all - it was…

13 years ago
by eman19 (131 posts)

james houlik setup?

ive started to get into classical saxophone again...and was just wondering if any of you guys know what setup james houlik us…

13 years ago
by semipro (17 posts)

Giving the sax a bath

I was talking to a player at a bar the other night, and he told me that before each gig he fills the bath with warm water and…

13 years ago
by O_o (9 posts)

Warped reeds

Is there any tried and true solution to warped reeds? Do any of the reed holders on the market prevent this? What causes it?…

13 years ago
by FredCDobbs (77 posts)

Sax Solo Transcriptions

I recently came across a website from a guy who has approximately 150+ transcribed sax solos. They're great. His website is…

13 years ago
by saxyjeff (25 posts)

Less expensive baris

I am in the market for a 'less expensive' bari. I played a number of years ago but and am looking to get back into it. I am s…

13 years ago
by cjunium (1 post)

Adjudication/Competition Results..

heres how the bands im in did this past weekend in our festival at myrtle beach.. Myrtle Beach 2005: Jazz: -1st place/superi…

13 years ago
by YanagisawA-901 (312 posts)

What do you think about this?

I have a Bundy II horn and i wanted to know what y'all think of it as an over all rating in performance and playing ability.…

13 years ago
by Saxman_51 (18 posts)
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