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Fremont Mirage Tenor Saxophone.

I have seen one for sale, I am a vocalist who wants to also play sax. Can anybody give me some advice, so any of you own a mi…

15 years ago
by webbe1g (2 posts)

purchasing soprano

I played an alto for several years. After taking many years off, I am interested in purchasing a soprano. I would only be pla…

15 years ago
by handley (3 posts)

Intermediate Sax for a 7th Grader

I'm shopping for a new intermediate sax for my 7th grade son. He's been playing a Conn 21M for about 3 years, and has shown t…

15 years ago
by eman19 (131 posts)

B flat saxophones

Are B flat Tenors and B flat Sopranos tuned to the same key ?

15 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Zagar mpcs

Im thinking of trying one, has anyone here actually tried one? What did you think of its sound, and how would you compare its…

15 years ago
by saxismyaxe (575 posts)

Learning Tab (DVD or Computer Games)

Hello: I just bought a new YAS-23 and I want to learn to read (Tab) music. Is there any DVD follow along or computer games th…

15 years ago
by spottspidermunki (55 posts)

i want to know if there is a website where i can view ligitures

i am a 12 year old kid and i want to know how important it is to have a good ligiture and also where you can look at them on…

15 years ago
by tsax_player (76 posts)

what sax is good first one when your 49 and never played

Hi what sax alto, tenor etc is good to learn on and what brand for a first one to learn on when Im 49 and never took a music…

15 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

High E Trouble

On my Yamaha 62 Tenor, I'm having trouble nailing that high E (using my left hand between the thumb and index finger). I can…

15 years ago
by kneejerk52 (397 posts)

Help!! Royal Artist of Bruno??

I found an antique alto sax made by Royal Artist of Bruno N.Y. Is this any good? The horn is silver plated, but its really di…

15 years ago
by karebear1012 (395 posts)

Pricing on Super Action 80

I'm wondering if I could have someone's input on pricing for a Selmer Super Action 80 (non II or III), about 15 years old, th…

15 years ago
by finmac (3 posts)

"happy birthday????"

hey guys, theres this girl that really means a lot to me..and todays her birthday..she sed "mike, for my birthday i want to h…

15 years ago
by YanagisawA-901 (312 posts)

finding a soprano

I am looking for a soprano sax- my xman plays alto but wants to start a soprano- I found a black nickel one with a "Quest" lo…

15 years ago
by allie (7 posts)

borgani saxophones

hi. i'm new to the saxquest community and i've heard a lot about borganis and how good they are.can anyone back up my opinino…

15 years ago
by dougal (3 posts)


ok, im starting to develop a certain tone, and i really like it..even tho the tone i can only get from a java reed.. but now…

15 years ago
by Stebeeben (3 posts)

Moutpiece for Selmer Mark VI

Recently, I bought the Selmer Mark VI Alto and play it on the Syphomic band. However, I feel the sound is too mellow, my teac…

15 years ago
by chiamac (586 posts)

b & s medusa

hi sax people. i'm new, though i've been lurking for a few weeks. i've seen a few people mention the medusa but i can't seem…

15 years ago
by tenor562 (297 posts)

legit appropriate??

Is the Yamaha 82z appropriate for legit playing or is it mainly directed towards jazz playing??

15 years ago
by johnsonfromwisconsin (767 posts)

advice on conn, or any

can anybody advise me - picking up the sax after years of not playing, and looking for a reasonably-priced horn so I can fall…

15 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

buying a tenor - opinion

I have an old orpheum (made by conn). The thing is a tank with terrible action; I bought it for $85 in an antique store. It p…

15 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Buying new Alto Sax... need opinions and reviews.

Ok. I'm buying a new Alto soon, but I can't decide on which one to buy. I've been playing Yamaha 23 for 6 years and have neve…

15 years ago
by phathorn (165 posts)

Selling Yanagisawa 880........

I bought this brand new in 1987 or 1988. I just had it in the shop , everything works perfect and all the pads are fine. Does…

15 years ago
by soljeep (1 post)

brushed nickel silver vs. nickel silver

Hi, everyone. I posted this question in the first-timers discussion, but thought I'd post here, too! I'm considering buying a…

15 years ago
by alneil (4 posts)

Unlaqured Horns

Recently I played an unlaqured Z series tenor in a store, and I loved the sound. I was wondering if anyone out there knew how…

15 years ago
by BariSaxplyr (35 posts)

Just a note - I'm now Cancer Free!

Hi guys, PRAISE Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got a phone call from my doctor and she told me that all the cancer in my left shou…

15 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)
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