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Should I leave this alone?

Just getting this alto back from repair. This is a circa 1955 6M, STH, no micro-tuner. This will be my R&R, Blues, R&a…

10 hours ago
by keybonesax

Help Identifying 100+ year old Sax

hi everyone Im new here first time posting, recently came up on this horn and searched online for more info but found noth…

7 days ago
by vesuvius (4 posts)

Question about a Super Series V Baritone Sax

Hi, I have a Super Series V Baritone Sax that is in good working order.  It was played by my son in High school. …

1 week ago

Old Selmer Model


I'm curious about this instrument which has been in the family for years.

I wonder which mode…

1 week ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (295 posts)

What is your favorite model Buescher?

There seem to be a lot of players who are still performing on, or at least own, vintage Bueschers. I myself play a Tru-Ton…

3 weeks ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (295 posts)

PAN AMERICAN Soprano saxophone is it good?

Another one! PAN AMERICAN soprano saxophone for only $301... as per seller, pads are newly replaced. He need the money for…

4 weeks ago
by GFC (762 posts)

1946 Conn Naked lady

Im hoping I can get some clarification from you experts out there. I have a (I think) 1946 Conn 6M Naked lady. The serial…

4 weeks ago
by CoolestMan (3 posts)

Conn 16m

I just purchased a conn 16m serial number 960xxx. I think its from '78, but previous owner says she purchased in 1962. Any…

4 weeks ago
by GFC (762 posts)

Need help appraising

I have a old Frank Holton elkhorn saxophone but I don’t know what it’s worth

4 weeks ago
by GFC (762 posts)

Please help in recognizing the saxophone

Hi, I have a quite interesting model of an alto saxophone. 
It looks very old. I was trying to find some in…

1 month ago
by GFC (762 posts)

Buescher Sax

I found a Buescher Tenor sax the serial number is 5999 , is this horn worth having restored?

1 month ago
by dds54 (3 posts)

Value of my old holton sax

i have my old sax from when I was 13, now I’m much much older! 
Im wondering what it’s value would b…

1 month ago
by GFC (762 posts)

Conn Wurlitzer Elkhart, Indiana C Soprano Saxophone 1920s

Good day to all,

I just bought this instrument for $349 online. with 5 mouthpices and waiting for the instrument t…

2 months ago
by vincejon (6 posts)

Conn Alto and Conn C-Melody Value

I need help, I have two beautiful saxophones and need to put a value on them for my insurance company. They are both Conn&…

2 months ago
by GFC (762 posts)

Evette-Schaeffer Sax

I purchased an Evette-Schaeffer sax, number 31857. Can anyone tell me anything about it? Age? Quality? Where made? 

2 months ago
by GFC (762 posts)

Saxophone tenor Super Dynaction

Good morning.
I am from Brazil, and have one doubts about my sax  tenor super Dynaction. 
I bought it…

2 months ago
by mijderf (183 posts)

Yanagisawa Soprano

I have a Yanagisawa Soprano sax that was in a fire (smoke damage) that I would appreciate some information about.  Th…

2 months ago
by kess

Conn soprano sax SM159xxxL


I'm new to this site and am interested in purchasing a soprano sax for my son
who is a college jazz stu…

2 months ago
by standre

Conn C L 35726

Hi, I’ve been given a vintage Conn Sax, serial # CL 35726. Based on a little research it looks like it dates to 1916…

3 months ago
by mmoore42 (2 posts)

What kind of soprano did Bechet play?

I wonder about this because I play a 1926 Tru Tone Buescher with the "typewriter key" G#, which appears in photos to be wh…

3 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (295 posts)

Vintage Saxophone with no branding!

HI, I have this vintage alto saxophone with no engraving anywhere but just number under the thumb rest. 50834 xiv? Does an…

3 months ago
by B Sanz

Old saxophone identification

hello there,
i am new so please be gentle (but honest!).
my son is starting saxophone classes soon. He is VERY e…

3 months ago
by IngeD (2 posts)



I am new to this forum and looking for help identifying and placing a value on a C.G. Conn Tenor Saxophone.…

3 months ago
by kitkat1909 (6 posts)

yamaha yts 62 purple label

I purchased a yamaha yts 62 purple label tenor sax. I have the serial number but I can not find how old it is anywhere.can…

3 months ago
by mijderf (183 posts)

Hawkes Cmelody... worth rescuing?

 I’m not sure which part of the forums to put this request because I’m kind of New!?


3 months ago
by merseymale
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