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12 years ago

Liquidating my Father's Saxophone Estate on Ebay

Hi, my father was a music educator and quite the saxman (and collector). I am in the process of settling his estate and am selling a fairly large quantity of saxophone items on Ebay with low starting prices and no reserves. My user name is je_ne_sais_quois, so please look up my auctions, and bid if you see something that interests you. I'm an oboist myself, so I'm doing the best I can to identify these items. Items include Selmer Paris, Brilhart tonalin, Conn Eagle, Hite, and King mouthpieces in a variety of sizes and facings, and what I believe to be a C Melody mouthpiece (possibly a Conn Eagle, but any markings have long since rubbed off, so I'm going on profile/composition, etc.). Also vintage reed trimmers and 3 horns: 1954 Buescher Aristocrat alto, Selmer Paris Mark VI soprano (I forget the year but it's earlier rather than later), and a 1928 Conn Chu Berry soprano with some of the most beautiful etching I've seen (this one is currently in pieces, because he had started to refurbish it before he died. All the keys are there, and I'm trying to decide whether to have it re-furbished before I sell it or not). Also Conn Res-o-pads for C Mel and soprano (though the soprano ones may go on the Conn). Not everything is up yet, but I will be adding to my listings regularly. Here is one listing, to make it easier to find my sale: From that page, you can click on "View seller's other listings to find additional items. Thank you for your help. My sibs and I have been putting this off for years, but now we want people to be able to enjoy using all the pieces he collected over his career. I hope this is an appropriate place to post. Please forgive me if it is rude to post such an announcement here.

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