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by jazzplayer15
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18 years ago

Yamaha Special Edition

I went to a workshop some months ago and tried out a Yamaha Special Edition Alto Saxophone. It was a very beautiful instrument and it had a wonderful sound when I played it. Is this a good instrument, is it worth the 2,000 dollars they're asking for it? Would it be an instrument I could play through college? By the way you should look at my previous post, I really need some help with that. Thanks.

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  1. by swingstreet
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    18 years ago

    Re: Yamaha Special Edition

    All I can say is this. If it was a beautiful instrument and had a great sound, than it is probably worth the 2000 bucks. Yamahas are good modern horns. The main thing is, if it feels good and plays well and sounds good, then you could spend your money in a worse way.

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