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by holtzapplea
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18 years ago

Wexler Saxaphone

My daughter has a Wexler Tenor Saxaphone that we bought for her on ebay. One of the buttons fell off and we took it to a repair shop and they said that the wouldn't fix it because of inferior quality. I was under the impression when we bought this that it was a good instrument. I guess what I'm asking is did we get ripped off and will anyone out there repair it for us or do we need to find a way to buy her a new one?

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  1. by barisax999
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    18 years ago

    Re: Wexler Saxaphone

    its going to be very hard to find a tech to repair that horn. they wont repair it because they are incapable of insuring their work on such horns. they dont know if its going to last. this is a great lesson in why we dont buy horns from ebay without being extremely cautious

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  2. by johnsonfromwisconsin
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    18 years ago

    Re: Wexler Saxaphone

    Talking to repair techs, I take it that there is a certain fear working on suspect brands that are often offered new on ebay. Something that might be a simple job on a quality instrument can erupt into a disaster on cheaply made ones. Normal repair proceedures sometimes involve bending and positioning keys by use of force. Poor quality metal may not endure that sort of effort and break, leaving the tech with more work to correct and embarassment through no actual fault of his own. Toneholes that aren't flat either must be dealt with properly by leveling or pads are difficult to seat. Sloppy fitting keywork, corks and felt that fall off when touched, soft materials between metal levers that don't allow for proper regulation, keys that are weak and bend easily through ordinary use, so adjustments go out very quickly... Imagine being the unwary technician dealing with that headache and probably the irate customer as well.

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