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by MVDMSax
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10 years ago


I have a Yamaha YAS-82ZS with

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  1. by basiliko
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    10 years ago

    Re: Mouthpiece?

    You might want to just keep that silver mouthpiece, but change the ligature... You could get a rovner dark. It will take that brightness down a noch. check them out ..Ithink they are at make sure you get the size that will fit your mouthpiece). good luck.

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  2. by custom82z4ever
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    10 years ago

    Re: Mouthpiece?

    In my experience, I was playing on a Rousseau Jazz Metal which is BRIGHT (it gets to the point of sounding sharp, really). I picked up a JDX8 for 50 bucks (surprisingly cheap) and it was dark, but harder to pull out the bottom end. This coulda been the facing, really, but I would say if you want something darker, look for the JDX. I've never played it on an alto, but it was RICH on a tenor. It gave me a Dexter Gordon-esque sound. Pretty badass, if I dont say myself. Im a little biased, so take this with a grain of salt. I've only ever played on Rousseau, Otto Link (which I thought was trash), and some nameless junk. But so far, the JDX has proven to be a beast, and it's cheap (which is all the more reason to buy the sucker). Good luck!

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