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by Christian Anderson
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11 years ago

repair tools

does anybody know a place to f

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  1. by kneejerk52
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    11 years ago

    Re: repair tools

    i have seen a few things on ebay but good luck otherwise

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    1. by Slausonm
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      10 years ago

      Re: repair tools

      I am a repairman and a teacher. Throughout the 80's I worked for the Erick Brand company. They supplied repair tools and supplies to instrument repair people. I was involved in the manufacturer of many different repair tools. This is kind of a long way to introduce my expertise in this field. If you have a local community college that teaches a machine shop course and your instructor is willing to give you a hand, all of the Hand dent tools in the old Erick Brand catalog and Ferree's catalog can be made using a metal lathe and a milling machine. A typical tapered mandrel for trumpet repair has only a few dollars worth of materials in it but a considerable amount of time to make it. You are paying for Ferree's time when you purchase a mandrel or hammer... the time is worth paying for in some cases :-) I am teaching a repair course at our local community college this spring and needed a second bench motor for the class. I purchased a chuck, switch, footswitch, motor and chunk of aluminum for a hand break. I made my own morse taper adapter (from scrap steel) for the chuck, but you can buy these from a machinery supplier. The motor cost me about $150 to build and a couple hours of time. Knuckle tools and a variety of other dent rods can be made by brazing ball bearings on to steel rods and screw drivers. If you bring a ferree's catalog to your local machine shop instructor, they can show you how to make many of the tools for yourself. Matt

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