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by 2saxy
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17 years ago

UnUsUal Saxophones?

Greetings, fellow Saxonians. I

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  1. by saxjunkie89
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    17 years ago

    Re: UnUsUal Saxophones?

    I HAVE played a Tubax, and those things are beastly! The first thing I played on it was a middle C, and I thought, "That's a really low middle C!" Of course I played my favorite sax scale, Bb Major, to test out the seismic potential the instrument had. While on the subject of the Tubax, I played another Eppelsheim-made sax, their Bass. I actually played both monsters on the same day I purchased my bari from USA Horn in Union, NJ. The bass is equally as cool as the Tubax to play, but I think the potential to sound nice on bass is greater (due to the wider bore). Another weird sax I played there was a Keilwerth Straight alto. It was definitely a different experience from playing a normal curved alto, it's much more free-blowing I found. My last peculiar sax I played is the only one on this list that I own, my LA Sax sopranino. Being red, it is obviously an eye-catcher. The little guy also comes equipped with a high F key (for those who want to kill their embouchure). The strangest thing is, I managed to get an altissimo Bb out on it, the same note that is the highest normal range note on the soprillo. I have probably played others that I'm forgetting, but they'll come to me! "I'm bari saxy!" saxjunkie89

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  2. by Saxesofevil
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    16 years ago

    Re: UnUsUal Saxophones?

    Clarosax, Acrylic Alto, Betcha plastic reeds, couesnon saxie, sax kazoo, Digital sax, nylon mouthpiece,

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