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10 years ago

Giant Steps

Okay, this post is for those o

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  1. by kelsey
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    10 years ago

    Re: Giant Steps

    I heard Trane practiced for a year on Giant Steps before he played it in public. (This may or not be true?) I could never spend so much time and energy on any one tune. To play GS really well would take me a long time. I practice a lot but not on any paticular tune. I want my playing to sound fresh. If I work too hard and long on a tune I end up not sounding spontaneous. I just get tired of doing the same thing. Usually, when I'm doing some recording, the first time I do it is the best. I try not tp play just licks on a tune but try to come up with something I haven't done at least lately. It's hard to be original. Maybe working on GS could give me insights on other off center tunes. But now I play mostly standards or Be Bop tunes. I don't really need those unrelated two fives messing with my mind. Oh well, have a good New Year...........Kelsey
    Barry Kelsey

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