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by Rben20
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8 years ago

Mouthpiece Cosmetics

Hey Guys, I'm new to sax ques

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  1. by carltonjazz
    (25 posts)

    8 years ago

    Re: Mouthpiece Cosmetics

    As far as the white i have no solution. Really the gold paint is wholely irrelevant when selling it. Its about the sound not the gold paint on the logo

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    1. by Slausonm
      (51 posts)

      7 years ago

      Re: Mouthpiece Cosmetics

      The white deposit is from lime deposits from playing the mouthpiece. You can remove the lime by using an acid. I use a stronger acid, but I would suggest a mild one like vinegar, which is fairly safe to use. You should rinse the mouthpiece thoroughly after dipping it. If you use soap on a hard rubber mouthpiece to wash the mouthpiece, it will turn green. almost instantly. This green can be buffed off with gentle buffing using a soft flanel wheel and tripoli compound. I would avoid using soap/ detergent and just rinse the mpc. If you decide to buff the mpc, avoid buffing any of the face, as the reed probably won't seat against it if you do. You can make an old nasty mouthpiece look like new if you use proper care. (not for the novice or your experimentation on that $500 mpc)

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