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by saxo_megan
(2 posts)
10 years ago

kohlert soprano sax

are these knock off junk or ar

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  1. by jamterry
    (573 posts)

    10 years ago

    Re: kohlert soprano sax

    i have a couple Kohlerts that i bought to take to Asia. I don't to take my Selmers to Asia, because thet are irreplaceable. I want you to play through one first. Can you try it first? I hand picked mine in Vietnam, and they alright. Someone can set it up for you too. Good lick with that. Terry

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    1. by chalazon
      (547 posts)

      10 years ago

      Re: kohlert soprano sax

      hello there..I repair band instruments for a living..I've come across a number of Kohlert horns over the years, and, truthfully, I can't recommend them..I haven't seen any new ones, so don't know what's up with that..but I'd look elsewhere.....

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