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by Fargorad
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20 years ago

Lip numbness

Daughter is a music major at McGill U in Montreal. Occasionally gets numb lower lip after playing hard. Goes away after 30 minutes or so. Now has numb lower lip that has lasted for a day....anyone experienced this or know of how to handle/treat it....permanent damage or the like???

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  1. by sax_maniac
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    20 years ago

    Re: Lip numbness

    First glance, this sounds like an embouchre problem, perhaps. Though the bottom lip is between the teeth and mpc, it's actually supposed to be more BEHIND the bottom lip - not directly under it. It requires building up the lower lip muscles to manage this - exercises in Larry Teal's "Art of Saxophone" book help somewhat. This can help tone control as well. Some people have dental inserts made which a player places on top of their bottom teeth (only when playing - I'm not talking surgery) to "round the edge" of the lower teeth. This is really a band-aid of sorts - it's better to do things right, though I can se how a person that plays for many hours may develop numbness even with a good embouchre. Everyone's physiology is different, so the solution for your daughter may not be the exact solution that works for me. She should consult with a professor on this very soon.

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